POLL: 15 Million Dollar Lawsuit Slams Juice Wrld

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Zumiez consumer base’s favorite rapper Juice Wrld has been hit with a 15 MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT over his biggest hit, “Lucid Dreams”. 

Yellowcard, a pop punk band, is suing Juice Wrld for copyright infringement. The suit alleges that he and his producers intentionally took melodies from their 2006 song, “Holly Wood Died” in his hit song “Lucid Dreams” which was released in May of last year (yeah, it’s been stewing for a while). Since then, many videos centered around the song have been posted by teenagers, typically of themselves dancing or lip syncing along to the chart topper.

With 15 million dollars on the line, what’s going to happen to the Juice? What will be left of the smashing success of his first ever breakthrough single? Whatever the lawsuit finds will take at least a couple months, even a year to come to light. Until then, we anxiously await the resolution to this thrilling saga.


Will Juice Wrld keep his royalties or will Yellowcard prevail in their fight for justice? It doesn’t matter! It’s up to the scholars to determine who’s in the right. Do these songs sound eerily similar? Let us know in the poll above!