Eagles Rising Character Recognition


Makayla Anderson receives an award in recognition of her kindness and character.

This month, Enloe staff started recognizing students for exhibiting outstanding character traits as part of a program called Eagles Rising. Department members nominated one student for the character trait of the month, and the student’s family was invited to a breakfast celebration where the nominating teacher spoke about the student. The recognition breakfast took place on December 13th during first period. 

Ms. Saunders, who initiated this program, gave more insight into how it all started.

When asked about what motivated her to start Eagles Rising, she said, “I believe that we need to capture students in moments when they are rising. So when we focus on character education, it shifts the culture in a positive direction. It’s important to see students at a moment when they’re doing better, and to elevate that. And so Eagles Rising is just a way to kind of capture the momentum and also embrace our school theme at the same time.”

Sometimes when students come to school, they forget that this is an experience that fosters our social skills and attributes later in life rather than only grades and preparing for college. It’s easy to get lost in placing value and self-worth solely on academic performance, which can sometimes result in a warped perception of your surroundings. This program presents a fresh new look towards good behavior and attitude in the classroom, and how that’s something to appreciate. It’s all about paying attention to moments that often go unnoticed and are subsequently valued less than they should be. Doing this places a spotlight on students who may not otherwise receive recognition for their personal growth and hard work, which is just as, if not more, important than academic success. Everyone is excited to see where this program leads us as a school in the future and for the effects of boosted morale across the student body. 

Eagles Rising Character Recognition includes scrolling announcements to look out for on the TV in sections like Quotes of the Week, in-class recognition, and celebrations every other month. Each bimonthly recognition breakfast will have a different theme such as kindness, resilience, or courage. Teachers got a moment during the celebration to say some nice words about the student they selected, with the parents and other students in attendance, providing a glowing moment of confidence and validation for the student.