The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Forget about Christmas and winter break, the most wonderful time of the year has finally begun. January marked the beginning of Girl Scout cookie season, but is still happening now. This means the fights over who gets the last box of Thin Mints™, and which cookie is the best (undoubtedly, the Lemonades™) has begun. Whether you’re a Thanks-a-Lot™, S’mores™, or Shortbread™ fan, we can all relate to the undeniable delight that follows a friend subtly mentioning they have the proper qualifications to sell you a box that you don’t have to share with everyone in your family. 

The stars of this season include the iconic and classic Caramel deLites™, Peanut Butter Patties™, and the Gluten-Free Toffee-Tastic™ and Caramel Chocolate Chip™. But this year, the distributors of these delectable extravagances are selling a brand-new cookie to indulge your fancy. Have you ever felt a craving for a crispy shortbread cookie with natural lemon flavoring and motivational messages? Meet the Lemon-Ups™. These cookies, coincidently similar to the Lemonades™, are baked with inspirational messages, such as “I am a leader” and “I am a go-getter” etched on the outside, in case you need a little mental support while eating an entire box of cookies. 

However, while this brand-new cookie somewhat deserves it’s heavy publicizing, it’s always important to not forget the cookies that put the Girl Scouts on the cavity-inducing map in the first place. The iconic Thin Mints™ are chocolate coated, cleverly named crispy mint cookies. And the only proper way to truly enjoy their deliciousness in their entirety is to eat them after sticking them in the freezer. 

Need a way to say “thank you” to someone after they do something nice for you? Give them a box of Thanks-a-Lots™! These cookies are embossed with “Thank You” in multiple languages, and they’re sure to be a hit in your English, French, or Spanish classes (Japanese, Italian, Russian, and Latin are not included, unfortunately). When you have a shortbread cookie with chocolate fudge on the bottom, it’s hard not to thank these Girl Scouts. 

A fan-favorite in my house (though personally I do not like them) are the Caramel deLites™, previously known as Samoas. These cookies are covered with coconut, caramel, and chocolate fudge, and are hopefully tasty, if you enjoy those ingredients, that is. And just as a heads up, this cookie is known both as Samoas™ and Caramel deLites™, as Girl Scout Cookies have two bakers, and thus use both names. But regardless of what they are called, these cookies are bound to help your coconut and caramel craving. 

A newer addition to the Girl Scout cookie family are the S’mores™, both the sandwiches and the patties, which are both named exactly the same thing, so make sure you specify which you want to your dealer, because one is definitely better than the other. And by that, I mean that the sandwiches are better than the patties, but you didn’t hear that from me.  

If you are one of the somewhat few people in the world who do not have a peanut allergy, make sure to pick up a box of either the Peanut Butter Sandwiches™ or Patties™. Similar to the S’mores™, one peanut butter cookie is significantly better than the other, so make sure to specify which kind you envision yourself consuming. 

Now, one cannot mention fan-favorite Girl Scout cookies without mentioning the Lemonades™, which may be the best baked luxury money can offer. These shortbread cookies with lemon-flavored icing put the Lemon-Ups™ to shame. So when managing your empty wallet to buy some cookies, make sure to remember that the original is *almost* always better.

Even those with health restrictions can enjoy cookies the Girl Scouts offer. The cookie company offers not one, but TWO gluten-free options, the Toffee-Tastics™, and Caramel Chocolate Chips™. If you are looking for a buttery cookie with crunchy toffee (hard candy made with sugar and butter) inside, the Toffee-Tastics™ are definitely up your alley. If you’re in the mood for something basic, yet still delicious, the Caramel Chocolate Chips™ offer a slight bit of sea salt into their cookies to give them all the more flavor. 

Whichever cookie most suits your fancy, go out and find a girl scout in the halls, and buy as many Shortbreads and Peanut Butter Sandwich boxes that you can carry. Once they’re gone, it’ll feel like an eternity before you see the sashes and wagons coming by your door again.