Clone High’s On The Rise


Graphic by Ian Albino

Airing in 2002, MTV’s Clone High aimed to parody high school shows of its time like Dawson’s Creek, and after a sudden resurgence in popularity, it found a way into the scramble of pop culture. Featuring a star-studded cast of clones of historical figures such as John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, and many others, its witty comedy aged like fine wine and managed to help it come back to fame after 18 years.

How does a show that’s old enough to vote return to light? Simple. By having some of the funniest, most quotable moments you’ll ever see in a show. No character steals the spotlight in this regard quite like JFK does, with such iconic lines as “Nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedys!” Just because he’s objectively the best character doesn’t mean the others aren’t absolute gold as well, though.

Another fan-favorite character is Gandhi, but he’s unfortunately caught in the midst of controversy as well. The show’s cancellation was actually caused by protests regarding the way the character was portrayed, as in the show, he tends to be a bit more sleazy and inconsiderate. An important thing to consider is that all of the characters are clones, and if it wasn’t evident with that JFK quote, they aren’t exactly living up to the originals.

The show’s titular character is Abe, who’s in a love triangle/square situation with Joan, Cleopatra, and JFK. Despite repeating the same romance plot every episode for a good 13 episodes, it lives to be incredibly hilarious each and every time.

That’s the show’s charm. Despite conforming to almost every stereotype of these high-school dramas, its style of parody truly never dries out.

The show’s fame has also brought along a powerful presence online. From regular manga-style fanart of Clone High characters to…less savory edits, Clone High has captured social media users’ imagination worldwide, particularly on Twitter. JFK is typically the subject of these images, and is by far the internet’s favorite clone.

In the end, despite its controversies, Clone High is an amazing show that lived a very short life. The witty comedy and surprisingly captivating subplots are super fun, and we totally recommend that you go watch it!

If you’re wondering where to watch it, the entire show is on YouTube, free of charge!