little things


it all goes by the same now,

day after day, it’s become routine.

these walls surround me, 

and i stay trapped between.

discontent, i come back to the present

beauty, i see it in the sunrise


every morning, i make a cup of coffee

lattes, to be exact.

foam floats on top of shots of espresso,

reminds me of better times.

the smell of cinnamon and vanilla rushes through me,

brings me back to now. 


grey clouds cover the horizon, 

slight beams of light peak through.

little by little, drops of rain fall 

slowly in unison, they all fall.

some think of the rain as somber, 

for me, it’s comforting.

a reminder that

even the sky gets sad sometimes.


the sound echoes through the room,

melodic as a symphony. 

inspired, i grab a pencil.

mindlessly, my hands move about the page.

drawing, but for the sole reason of drawing

just for a moment, the heaviness fades away


these little things 

small yet precious, they 

keep me grounded. 

in the middle of this isolated island

i’ll never forget, 

it all comes back to the little things.


–  anh lac