Putting the UGG in Ugly

Fashion Faux Pas


Any way you look at it, UGGs were born abhorrent. According to www.ugg.com,  this US-based footwear brand was founded by a vaguely Australian surfer, forged by “a strong love for sheepskin”, and probably an ounce of white supremacy. Using recycled wool and matching brown gum shoe soles, th

ey have somehow become a staple of the Southern Californian surf scene “culture”. Why do these woolly monstrosities exist? We intend to find out.

UGG as a brand has failed to understand any notion of color composition. Their obsession with brown astounds us even here at the Eagle’s Eye, striking fear into the hearts of brown staff writers like Oishii Basu. Every night she lays in her purple-tinted room and wonders if she will be next.

 UGGs, apparently, are classified as surfer shoes, which came as a surprise to us too. As a winter boot, they seem wonderfully useful, but the positives stop seasonally. The amount of fur on the inside and out seems unbearably hot and easily soaked. In this way, we think this shoe is physically incompetent. 

Upon further inspection, we discovered UGGs did not stop at footwear. Upon expanding their market, they seem to be very prideful of their Furry consumer base, regarding the exponential fluffiness in all articles of clothing. The brand once forged by a strong love for sheepskin is now forging a strong bond with sheep kin. 

Our spite towards the White Aussie Babies of America Corporation is not completely unfounded. They have a history of not adhering to worker’s rights, not providing living wages for their workers, nor do they implement any safeguards or protections for COVID-19 whatsoever. Among their disregard for human d

ecency, they use a marketing strategy of greenwashing, or falsely advertising as eco-friendly,  to disguise their long past of animal cruelty. According to Good On You, an eco-friendly clothing directory, UGG kills sheep for their wool, even to be as cruel as castrating their tails without any pain medication. Just as UGG is a staple of white fashion in America, their company is a staple of corporate America.

White women come in droves from far and wide for a pair of Victoria’s Secret UGGs. All the while their tired, not actively anti-racist boyfriends paint the pink walls with both exasperation and a new willingness to let their significant others know the truth about their infidelity. The illusion of comfortability is the only thing this brand has going for it, which obviously has their demographic going for it, too. Its so-called fashion is a disgrace to the great goddess of clothing, Anna Wintour. The fuzziness is where the buzz comes from, but from where we’re standing, UGGs are just a gateway to the Furry community.

UGGs inherently are just confusing, uncomfortably warm white women propaganda to scare the living daylights out of the bearers of melanin.