The Christmas Tree


I’m not pretty enough without all the attachments

You pick me out for my beauty and elegance

Only to cover me head-to-toe in giant, sparkly…

what do you call them? 



You hate seeing me in my natural state;

I need to shine bright like a diamond.

So you turn up my electricity

I sweat while you constantly complain about the cold


At my feet you pile matching boxes of different sizes

that aren’t even for me!
Instead I have to watch others

enjoy what I’ve been babysitting the last month


And to top it all off, 

You put on a top; 

Hiding my roots and hairdo. 

It’s not until my last branch is covered

That I will finally be perfect. 


And yet… 

you always make sure I’m in the room

when you watch my favorite films

I finally feel like a part of the family

at least for a short little while


But then that fateful day comes

When the lights turn off and the ornaments get packed away

But instead of inviting me back next year

You toss me out on the curb

With all my brothers and sisters.

I thought we forged a bond

But you clearly thought differently

Who was I to think

You’d see me as anything more than hooks for your precious ornaments. 

Merry Christmas, indeed.