Enloe Ballroom Dance Club x DanceSport UCLA


Are you bored of sitting at your desk with nothing to do? Are you tired of spending more than 7 hours a day ruining your posture and having immaculate back pain? Did your New Year’s resolution happen to be related to being more active yet you haven’t moved from your room in several weeks?

If you answered yes to answer any of these questions above, it might be worth checking out the new series of workshops organized by Enloe’s Ballroom Dance Club and the University of California, Los Angeles DanceSport Club. DanceSport, one of UCLA’s prestigious clubs, is an organization focused on introducing dancesport to the community and bringing its members to collegiate competitions across California. They have garnered much attention for having interactive lessons with a variety of different dance teachers and covering many types of dances.

This specific collaboration has been the product of both UCLA’s DanceSport and our own Ballroom Dance Club, coming together to create special workshops catered around specific dances, spanning from ballroom to chacha, samba, and more; there’s a dance for everyone. In addition to dancing and learning the fundamentals, these hour-long meetings also include social events where attendees can chat, meet new people, and have fun playing games such as Jackbox and Among Us. The best thing is: no experience nor partners are necessary. As this series is only an introduction to dance, there’s no need to worry about messing up or looking silly, it’s all about having fun!

As always, this series is a public event, meaning anyone can join as long as they are 14+ due to some of the intensity of the dances. Feel free to check out @enloeballroom on Instagram, as well as the linktree in their bio, for any upcoming news about the workshops as well as general information about the club.

We hope you join us, please bring a friend!