Autumn Fashion Trends

 The autumn season is upon us, the annual signal to change our apparel. We go from sundresses and shorts to vintage denim and knit sweaters, 2021 fall fashion is mirrored in aspects of the 70s, 90s, and early 2000s. As we end our 90s fashion revival and move into an early 2000s revival, the autumn trends follow suit. The early 2000s experienced a 1970s revival of their own; furthermore, all of this cultural and fashion history from the 2000s will influence the trends of 2021 fall. 

Pants trending for fall include bell bottoms and wide leg jeans along with patterns and silhouettes mirroring vintage styles. The wide leg jeans of earlier seasons are returning, along with the bold patterns and colors. Patterns such as stripes, houndstooth, and abstract will be popular. Not only jeans and cotton flared pants, but 90s workwear inspired pants will also be popular. Long flowing midi or maxi skirts with 1970s-esque patterns will also be a trend for fall.

Fall is one of the ideal times for outerwear, so embrace your coats and layers this fall. Jackets for fall include oversized leather blazers with interesting hardware, faux fur collars, and puffer coats. The thrift store and second-hand retailers are the best place to find quality leather jackets at a great price. 

Fall is the perfect time to bring back your timeless closet staples. Trends will come and go with the seasons; however, some pieces can last you a lifetime. A good flannel and a quality winter coat is a timeless garment to invest in that will benefit your wardrobe, benefit your wallet, and will be more sustainable for the planet.  

The traditional fall color scheme is red, orange, brown, and muted neutrals. This season the colors for fall include orange, fuchsia, forest green, brown, indigo, clay, and red. A slight variation on the traditional scheme with some bolder colors included. 

Crochet and knitwear are also huge themes for fall fashion. There is nothing more fall than a chunky knit sweater. These have been influenced not only by runway fashion but the accessibility of at-home and DIY projects that arose out of the pandemic. 

As always, trends and trend predictions are only an idea or inspiration for what you could wear; wear whatever makes you the happiest.