March Madness for Dummies

With the beginning of March, many of you may be wondering, what is March Madness? Who is playing? What is a bracket? How do I win? Or even what is basketball? If you are asking these questions then you might be a March Madness dummy, so continue reading for all of the answers.

What is March Madness? 

March Madness is a national college basketball tournament. Those who enjoy said tournament are known as “sports fans.” Beginning on Sunday, March 13th and ending on Monday, April 4th,  68 college basketball teams will compete. There are 4 mini-tournaments of 16 teams within March Madness, and the winners of each mini-tournament go on to the ‘final four’.  The teams will compete for fun, but also a trophy and a lot of money. All 68 teams belong to the NCAA, National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Who is playing in the tournament? 

March Madness is sort of special, so to qualify for the tournament there is an ‘audition’ process of sorts. Divisions 1 teams (the best ones) can qualify if they win their conference (like a friend group of similar schools). Teams can also qualify if they have an ‘at-large’ bid from the NCAA, which is like an invite from the NCAA committee saying that they are good enough to play in the tournament, even though they didn’t win the conference.

What is a Bracket? 

A bracket is a user interactive experience to go along with March Madness, like a fun game. You predict the winners of each game and who will win the whole tournament. To participate, either print out a bracket or use an online format on the ESPN or CBS websites. You can fill out the bracket with your friends and bet exuberant amounts of money on the outcome. What is the best way to pick the teams for your bracket? Literally just guess and write random things, it does not matter.

How to Watch March Madness? 

You can watch the tournament live on TBS, TNT, TruTV, CBS, ESPN, Hulu live sports, and with an ESPN+ subscription.

What is Basketball? 

If you don’t know by now, it should be obvious that I am not going to tell you, look it up. Happy March Madness everyone!