Eddie the Eagle’s Shocking ConfessioN(FT)


Eddie the Eagle, the beloved mascot of William G. Enloe High School, has a secret:


He’s an NFT. 


“NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that don’t hold monetary units and can’t be interchanged as currency. NFTs usually take the form of digital artwork, such as images or GIFs. Like physical artwork, NFTs are one-of-a-kind collectibles that hold value based on their originality, which for NFTs, come from strong lines of code that document every cryptocurrency transaction ever made: The Blockchain. NFTs are almost exclusively purchased with cryptocurrency, especially ethereum.” (Burkhart)


In our latest sit-down with Enloe’s most popular eagle, Eddie opens up about his inner struggle at school. It wasn’t as if he felt there was anything wrong with the world perceiving him as an eagle. He was an eagle- but what kind of eagle did he aspire to be? What kind of an eagle was he on the inside, where none of his fellow scholars could see him? Did he fully fit within the label “eagle”?


Or, dare he wondered, was he something more. Neither human nor eagle, no, not even of this physical realm. Something beyond the established binaries entirely. Eddie doesn’t know how he will embrace his new image yet, and he doesn’t know what the future will bring. All he knows is that NFTs feel right at the moment. 


With the gentle comfort and support of the Financial Freedom Club and the Investment Club, Eddie the Eagle is finally able to live his life as himself. Well done, Eddie! Love is love! Be who you are!


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