Enloe Swim & Dive Team: Not Only a Team, But a Family


Although a mostly individualistic sport, Enloe Swim and Dive is constantly striving to compete while maintaining a strong sense of community. Coach Brianna Buzek, a past Enloe swimmer, continues the team’s nearly 40-year long legacy of promoting teamwork and a family-like atmosphere. 

From the beginning of tryouts, the swim team welcomes new athletes with open arms. “I started freshman year and immediately I just felt welcomed. I made friends with a sophomore almost immediately,” says Lindsay Templeton, a swimmer on the team. ”It’s kind of funny. You wouldn’t think it’s such a family place at tryouts.” After making it through tryouts, during the first few practices, the team then gets to know each other through a game of “Who Dat?” Throughout practice, either Coach Buzek or a team manager will point to two team members in which one will have to say the other’s name. If they get the name incorrect, they are required to do twenty push ups. Although not the most exciting part of practice, the game allows for team members to have a higher incentive to get to know one another while invoking some of the competitiveness of the team. 

With having to cut nearly 20 swimmers at tryouts, Enloe’s swim team is highly competitive. However, it is the competitive nature of the swim team that allows the team to grow even closer. Every year, Coach Buzek hosts an event called the Buzek Olympics splitting the team up into small groups having to work together. The event gives the team the opportunity to bond while using their competitive nature to strategically aim for the highest honor: bragging rights. 

Aside from friendly competition, the swim team also hosts a holiday party every year where the team members join for White Elephant and potluck, trying dishes other team members have made. After a long practice at Pullen Park, the swim team will also sometimes ride the train at Pullen together while simply talking and enjoying each other’s company. “I really try to encompass that [family dynamic] because that’s something I went through when I came to Enloe,” Coach Buzek says. 

Not much happens with the team during its off-season, but during the summer Coach Buzek is often seen coaching at University Club along with the help of some of Enloe’s swimmers. Just goes to show how much Coach Buzek is dedicated to coaching swim and how much some of the swim team enjoy helping her. Although swim season is currently over, it is highly encouraged for everyone to join them at one of their meets to experience the close-knit environment for oneself, or even try out for the swim team!