Senior Spotlight: Gabby Bretz


We at the Eagle’s Eye are gaga for Gabby, and for good reason. Gabby Bretz is the well-rounded, ambitious person everybody in the room gravitates toward. From her love for  art and theatre to her dream of opening a small business, it’s no wonder people are eager to learn more about them. 

If you  were to ask Gabby where they hope to be in twenty years, you  would likely hear about her aspiration to manage her own self-made hostel. You may also listen to them talk about the coffee shop of their dreams: a sun-and-moon-themed restaurant called Soleil and Lune. To achieve either of these (or both), Gabby plans on taking a gap year and applying to Western Carolina University next fall, where she wants to major in hospitality. For the first half of that gap year, they want to work and then attend an arts program in Normandy, France for the second semester. This would allow her to study either theatre or studio art while traveling around the region and staying in a 19th-century chateau. 

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Gabby does some pretty great things currently, too. She is the props master for Enloe theatre and urges everybody to attend a viewing of Dracula, which is showing from November 9th through the 12th. Some of their favorite Enloe classes this year are AP Art History, Actor’s Ensemble, and AP English Literature. “Please give a little shout out to Mr. Lesniak,” Gabby requested. Outside of school hours and tech Saturdays, you can often find Gabby working as a barista at Chanticleer, a rooster-themed cafe. Coffee seems to be a running theme in her life, and, impressively enough, she only has a handful of coffee shops to visit before she has gone to every single one in Raleigh. 

Gabby credits their family and friends for supporting them throughout their life. “My mom is one of my favorite people on the planet. She’s the sweetest,” she said with a smile. And of course, who could forget Winnie? Winnifred Sassafrass is Gabby’s retired racing greyhound and a proclaimed “evil little dog.” Although those who are fortunate enough to have known her during her time at Enloe will be sad to see her leave high school in the summer, it is a given that Gabby will continue to make people smile for years to come.