Enloe’s Angel Tree Program: A Holiday Tradition


For the third consecutive holiday season, Enloe’s Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and the Student Services program have partnered to donate gift cards to Enloe’s students and their families. This year’s version of Enloe’s Angel Tree takes the form of $25+ gift cards for both food and non-food retailers. The non-food retailers include Walmart, Target, and Amazon, while the food retailers include fast food restaurants and Food Lion. 

The program is led by Ms. Gullatt, a member of Enloe’s student services team. Ms. Gullatt benefited from a program similar to this throughout her childhood, so she is passionate about providing the same opportunity to young students now that she is in the position to do so. 

“It is able to help a student’s entire family, maybe not just that one kid who goes here,” says Ms. Gullatt.

This is an important part of the program, relating to a story that has stuck out to Gullatt through her time running the Angel Tree program. 

There was a family that was living in a hotel throughout the holiday season and as Gullatt described it, they did not have access to a full kitchen and were unable to make full meals by themselves with the amenities provided in the hotel room. The Angel Tree program was able to provide enough gift cards and resources to help the single mother with food for her seven children, as well as gifts to make the holiday season special. 

While the Angel Tree program came to an end on the 12th to ensure that all donations could be distributed by the time students get out for break on the 21st, Gullatt spoke on families who would like to donate to do so. 

“Even after the holiday season, families may still need these gift cards,” says Ms. Gullatt. “My main goal is to do whatever we can as a school to help these families.” 

Gullatt encourages reaching out to her via email for any information involving the food pantry, Angel Tree program, as well as the clothing donation closet for Enloe. All questions can be sent to [email protected] and more information can be found on the Enloe Student Services website.