Senior Spotlight: Chloe Johnson


You may be familiar with Chloe Johnson through her role as Vice President of Publicity, a part of the Enloe Student Council’s “Big 5”. She earned her place in this group through years of experience in leadership and her commitment to the school’s student government, starting all the way from elementary school. Chloe is leaving her mark on Enloe through her dedication to service, inside and outside of the classroom. Her passion for making connections with the people around her is evident through her bubbly, outgoing personality. 

As the Vice President of Publicity, Chloe’s job is to oversee the social media and graphics that are produced. Her favorite memory as a member of Big 5 happened in the nerve-wracking moments before presenting the check at Charity Ball. “We were about to present $180,000 and we were all helping each other calm down because it was such a big moment.” Chloe describes the dynamics of the council as very “close-knit” and she values the time spent collaborating with her peers while working towards a common goal. 

Chloe is also a member of the Women’s Tennis team here at Enloe. Seeing her older sibling playing tennis growing up made her hate the sport, earning it a spot on a list of 10 things she hates. “I swore it off. I told myself I was never going to play tennis (…) At the time I was 5 years old and my brother was 16 so I did not want to be involved.” When Chloe’s mom signed her up to take tennis lessons in fifth grade, she found a love for the sport and has been playing ever since. “[Tennis] is a really good way to get stress off of you… It’s also a very fashionable sport.” Outside of Enloe, Chloe can be found volunteering for a mutual aid group in Downtown Raleigh, nannying, or planning youth events for her church. 

As for post-Enloe plans, Chloe has applied to several colleges with intentions to major in either Political Science or Journalism and is open to being involved in student government. Over the summer she participated in an academy hosted by the School of the New York Times, which she also credits as one of her proudest accomplishments. Looking at Chloe’s high school years, it is clear to see that she is a well-rounded, go-getter that any college would be lucky to have. 

At the Eagle’s Eye, we admire her commitment to seeking equity in her community along with her investigative spirit. It is very apparent that she will succeed in anything she puts her mind to and we are excited to see how she continues to impact the people around her in her years after Enloe!