Senior Spotlight: Tannar Griffith


Enloe senior Tannar Griffith is the teenager colleges rave for. This triple threat of brains, beauty, and ambition is an active member of multiple clubs, including Enloe’s MBSA, Black Student Union, FCCLA, and the illustrious National Honors Society. She is on all their boards. If that is not enough, Tannar is a four-year Enloe cheerleader and a Black small business owner. I was honored to sit down with her to figure out how she could balance it all and stay humble.  

This year, Tannar is bombarded with college applications and other stressors that come with being a senior in high school. Tannar aspires to major in pharmaceutical sciences to become a pharmacist. Tannar has already been accepted into one of her top 5 schools, Hampton University, a private historically Black university located in Hampton, Virginia. Princeton Review named Hampton University as a top school in several categories, and with Tannar’s standout high school resumé, I am sure no college could resist this shining star.

Within the myriad of extracurriculars she does at Enloe, cheerleading truly holds a special place in Tannar’s heart. In her four years of high school, Tannar has been a member of Enloe’s cheer team. Tannar says her favorite cheer memory, “would have to be senior night. I have been a part of the team for four years and it was nice to be recognized as a senior during halftime of our last home football game. All the seniors on the team received custom bows with our names on them and sashes! After the game, we were surprised by our other teammates with our names on a banner and gifts. That night was very special and I will always remember it.” Tannar’s favorite Enloe event is Homecoming’s Spirit Week. “I love the different days, I gotta be somebody new each day. Throwback Thursday is my favorite day.” Being an active member of the Enloe community has always been important to Tannar, especially all of her extracurricular activities. “Being a part of cheer, doing the Black History Month performances and the rehearsals. Just overall collaborating with other people brought me joy.” 

During Covid, everyone was trying to adjust from constantly being on the go to just not doing anything most of the time. Tannar used this time of isolation to embark on a new business venture of customizing shoes and other apparel. Tannar says, “I had my eye on these shoes from this small shoe customizing business called Sircastleteees.” Tannar always had a creative side, so she took it upon herself to customize her shoes. “After buying all the materials needed, using old white vans, and watching many YouTube videos, I customized my first pair of shoes.” Of course, everyone was impressed. Tannar’s dad is the person that gave her the idea of starting a business. “It was during quarantine, so he felt it was the perfect time to start.” As any intelligent entrepreneur should, she did her research beforehand, and then her business was set in motion. 

Tannar is a well-rounded student, and many other high school students need help forming good habits to balance school and life. I asked Tannar what advice she would give others trying to juggle life’s many pursuits. “My advice is to know your limits and take on what you can!” she says. “I also recommend others utilize their calendar. This helps me stay on track with my busy schedule and makes me feel better knowing that I can still be a part of many things while still keeping up with my schoolwork.”

I can personally attest to Tannar’s positive personality and humbleness. She was the first to embrace me, taking me under her wing when I joined the cheer team as a freshman. Not only did she make my cheerleading experience better, but she also left her mark on the Enloe High School community. Tannar is genuinely one of Enloes brightest lights, and I know she will shine wherever life takes her for the years to come. We will miss you, Tannar!