Lady Gaga’s 10 Most Iconic Moments


In 2008, Lady Gaga made her first big splash into pop music and won the hearts of many, including a three year old Audrey. Since then she has released a variety of hits, but one of her biggest contributions to pop culture has been her daring fashion. Lady Gaga has worked with a plethora of famous designers and shocked on the red carpet time and time again. With the start of a new year it’s the perfect time to look back and decide, what are some of Gaga’s best and most iconic outfits?

10. The “Super” Super Bowl Jumpsuit

Kicking off our list is Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl LI performance in 2017. One of the most iconic performances on its own, Gaga wore a dazzling leotard and jacket combo that glittered as she performed a medley, summarizing her career. The outfit is not her best showstopper, but it remains an iconic part of an iconic performance so it sits at 10th place.




9. A Red Lace Fashion Statement (2009 MTV Music Video Awards)

While this wasn’t the ensemble Lady Gaga performed in at the 2009 MTV music awards, the red lace dress certainly made a lasting impact on viewers. Lace may not be an unusual fabric, but covering your entire face and neck with it, and matching crown, is definitely a statement. The look is cute and memorable, but not a complete showstopper.



8. The Opera Cape (2010 Brit Awards)

Just a year later, Gaga appeared again on the red carpet with an experimental, yet elegant, dress. The white opera cape concealed another costume lying underneath, but even if it didn’t the garment is more than memorable. I’ll have to be honest and say she kind of looks like a lamp shade, but in a good way. The hair piece and tall wig add to the oddities of the look without looking goofy. Good, but not the most extravagant on this list.



7. The Blue Telephone Hat in the “Telephone” MV

Lady Gaga has never held back in music videos and the “Telephone” MV is no exception. While the music video featured many outfits, the vibrant yellow hair and blue telephone hat certainly caught my eyes. The rest of the outfit itself is surprisingly simple, with a hard plastic top and tight skirt; however, Gaga’s head is certainly the focus of the ensemble.


6. The Black “Cat” Suit in the “Poker Face” MV

One of Gaga’s earlier music videos, “Poker Face” featured more outfits than the “Just Dance” video and many of them embodied the fashion we associate Gaga with. One of these looks was the black cat suit and it definitely says “Gaga.” Somehow a swimsuit and also runway worthy, the cat suit remains iconic.


5. The Black Leotard & White Face Paint look in the “Applause” MV

Featured as the last track of the Artpop album that was released in 2013, “Applause” has become one of Gaga’s biggest hits and one outfit from the music video prevails above the others.



4. Riding in on a horse (2013 AMAs)

While Lady Gaga has always turned heads, riding in on a mechanical horse moved by humans was certainly a first. Though even without the horse, the lilac dress Gaga wore was beautiful. Restrained, yet eye-catching, it was one of the best on the red carpet at the 2013 AMAs.



3. House of Gucci Runway

While Gaga likes to push the boundaries of what is considered fashionable, she can easily pull off elegant looks. The purple dress she wore for the House of Gucci Premiere Red Carpet is no exception, and is certainly one of the times she’s looked her best. Flowing, sleek, and a wonderful shade of purple, the dress was (in my opinion) the best of the cast. Certainly deserving of third place.



2. The Meat Dress

Sitting in second place is the iconic meat dress. Need I say more? Most everyone who has heard of Lady Gaga has heard of the meat dress and even Lady Gaga herself has referenced the iconic look, recreating it in an election video urging Americans to vote. Is it made of meat? Yes. Is it fashionable? Also yes (surprisingly).




1. 2019 Met Gala Extravaganza (four outfits and three outfit changes)

The theme for the 2019 met gala was “Camp: Notes on fashion” and yet again Gaga did not disappoint. Not only was the giant pink dress and bow certainly camp, it was made more so by the fact that it concealed three more outfits. Including multiple pop culture references, the garment encapsulated the theme perfectly.