It Came From Far Away


A silver circuit rounds the moon

Satellites say it’ll be here soon;

Frenzied voices, “it’s the end!”

And then the ship starts to descend…


The skies are clear; it’s landing day

So give me a hip hip-hooray

Up fly planes in attack formation-

Can they bring the world salvation?


A hundred armies scramble life

To create a deathly strife

With those we cannot understand

And very soon their ship will land


A silver hull pierces the clouds,

A hundred screams ring “fire now!”

The world balanced hope and despair

As searing flames burst through the air


I know I met a boy that day

Upon the streets where children play,

Smiled in children’s fearful way

And then he sang the blues-


“Look,” I know he said to me

In that fear-a-stricken city,

Then gave me the view of a baby

On all the happy news


“Look, sir, the world should sing

Cause the streets are piled high

With all the wings of pretty things

That fell down from the sky!”


Eight billion eyeballs stay glued to glowing screens;

What’ll happen when it lands; what will be heard and seen?

It’s touching down now; folks gather batch by batch

And then the silver capsule opens its exit hatch


The thing that came from far away

What’ll it look like, what will it say?

A sense of excited fear pervades

As it hops onto the promenade


White tufts of feathers on its head,

Beady eyes that look half-dead,

Layers of brown creep down its back,

Yellow feet; claws like a tack…


It opens up its beak and screams

Overwhelmed the crowd falls to its knees

The greatest wish of Enloe’s granted-

Houston, Eddie Eagle has landed