The Atlantic Avenue Improvement Project: Safer Roads for Student Commuters


For many Enloe students who live in North Raleigh, a route to school goes directly through Atlantic Avenue. However, with narrow lanes, unsafe left turns, and high crash rates, the road isn’t very safe for drivers, especially those who are teenagers. The City of Raleigh is implementing the Atlantic Avenue Project, which is scheduled to improve several of these conditions on the road by early 2024.

Tiffanie Manzanek, communications analyst for the City of Raleigh, described that the narrow road not only brings issues for drivers but brings many issues for residents of the area. Specifically, Ingram drive, which connects directly to Atlantic Avenue, brings several difficulties due to a blind left turn out of the road. 

“Ingram Drive had a high crash rate for left turn movements both into and out of the intersection,” explained Manzanek.

The project will integrate a protected left turn into Ingram Drive, which would eliminate blind left turns out of the road. This would help to prevent crashes from drivers turning into the road out of the left lane, making the region safer for all commuters in the area.

Dennis Trujillo, project manager, says that the main goal of the project is to bring safety to all commuters and residents of the area. 

Other key safety features that the project will create include wider lanes, a sidewalk, bike lanes, and a median with left turn lanes.

“Medians also help to slow traffic and act as a pedestrian refuge when crossing the street,” said Manzanek.  “[Left turn lanes will keep] people from stopping in the traffic lanes and will help reduce the number of rear-end crashes.”

Enloe students that drive on Atlantic Avenue may have noticed the temporary traffic shift that has been installed over the past few months, and the heavy amount of construction presence in the area. 

Sam Indermaur, an Enloe senior, drives on Atlantic Avenue when commuting to and from Enloe.

¨When they started the process, it slowed down the road a little bit, which was a hassle,” says Indermaur.

 However, students might be wondering what else they can expect to encounter during their daily commute in the near future. 

“We will probably see the outbound traffic pattern shift in the next few months. At that time, Ingram Drive will also be closed to traffic from Atlantic Avenue,” said Manzanek. “Other than that, there will be intermittent lane closures as work is completed along the corridor.”

For many Enloe students, especially underclassmen, who will get to drive on the road after project completion in early 2024, daily commutes will improve significantly. The project will bring several important safety improvements that will make the area safer for student drivers who utilize the road. 

“I’m looking forward to being able to go down Atlantic Avenue in peace,” says Indermaur.

To stay updated on road conditions and updates on Atlantic Avenue, visit the Atlantic Avenue Improvement Project website.