Senior Spotlight: Da Man, Da Myth, Damarion King


The impact of all Enloe seniors on our school is undeniable, but only a select few have made so great a difference that Enloe just wouldn’t be the same without them. Whether you’ve seen him reporting on the ‘Loe Down, energizing the crowd at an Enloe sports game, or working hard to help the community with student council, this senior’s presence at Enloe is larger than life. With his spirit, kindness, and energy, some may even call him the king of Enloe: Damarion King. 

As the Vice President of Logistics for the student council, Damarion has been heavily involved in the organization, working and planning events like spirit week and Charity Ball. He is very proud of the work they did to raise money for Alliance Medical Ministry. “From planning events […] to volunteering at the different organizations, standing on the stage with four other student council members holding up that big check—I think that that moment right there cultivated all of our hard work over those two months,” says Damarion. 

He is also an executive producer for the ‘Loe Down, and has worked on the show for three years, rising in the ranks along the way. “We started [with] the virtual ‘Loe Down at home,” he says. “[Coming back], we revamped the whole show to something that the whole student body has come to know and love and watch.” While working to improve the show, Damarion and the rest of the crew grew very close: “We became like a family over the past three years. I’ll definitely miss them.” 

He takes his spirit and his energy with him into everything he does, which also includes JROTC and chorus. After school, when he’s not hyping up the student section at an Enloe sports game,  you can probably find him working with his church youth organization, or at his job at Marbles Kids Museum. 

After high school, he plans on attending Morehouse College in Atlanta to study political science and journalism. “I don’t know what the future holds,” he says, but I do know I do want to eventually go into politics.”

As for the advice he wishes to leave for future Enloe students, he says (in true eagle fashion) “Regardless of the circumstances that you may be facing in your present, work ahead, continue to fight; that’s what Eagles do. We soar above any, anything that may be coming our way. And so I encourage all eagles, see rising seniors, incoming freshmen, wherever you are to rise above the clouds and SOAR. Because that’s what we do.”

To Damarion, our King of Enloe, wherever you may soar in the future, we wish you well.