Senior Spotlight: Maya Spencer


As once expressed by Maya Angelou, “The question is not how to survive, but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humor, and style.” Named after the poet herself, the kindhearted, squirrel-loving, well-versed Maya Spencer seems to radiate the very essence of this celebrated poet. Better yet, she does so in a way that is completely and beautifully her own; in a way that is unapologetically Maya


Walking into a room on an ordinary day (routinely matcha-in-hand, with a mystery novel in the other), Spencer has a manner of taking up space that exuberates joy and ushers the same in many others. Between the locks of her magnificent bouncy curls, one might steal a glance at her signature statement earrings or other unique accessories. Ranging from various patterned tops to stylish gold-silver necklace combos (her favorite!) Spencer’s personal style undeniably serves as a head-turning expressional outlet.


“Besides just being such a reliable and good friend, her sense of style is something I wish I could have,” says Olivia Ferlito, a close friend of Spencer’s since the 6th grade. “There is not a day where she comes to school wearing a bad outfit. I want her closet so badly.” 


Despite her ethereal beauty, it is Maya’s immense creative talent that turns the most heads and has drawn membership on the Maya Spencer Fanclub™ to a rise. From her role as the logistics manager of Enloe’s very own Tri-M, a volunteer and performance-based music honors society, to her position as an Eagle’s Eye writer and graphics editor, Maya’s method of expression exists unconfined to any single artistic medium. Singing and dancing through life, she navigates the world with a rhythm and sense of wonder that challenges us all to dream. And it doesn’t go unnoticed.


Within the Eagle’s Eye, she exercises leadership roles as a graphic designer and publicist. She has worked with many writers to ensure their graphic needs and wants are met while upholding the student publication’s reputation for sublime design quality. Even so, Maya will be remembered by her Eagle’s Eye peers for her bubbly, lively personality. When in conversation with Maya, it’s never about how big the problem is. It’s about how big the solution can be. Her intelligence, care, and kindness are easily seen whenever you talk with her. 


 Ariel Solomon, a friend of Maya’s and future college colleague of Spencer’s says “It’s like reading a novel. Whatever [she] says is always so interesting, even if it’s something super boring.’’ Josie Milner, the forever donut-gifting best friend to which Spencer has been inseparable since middle school, shares similar sentiments. When prompted to share one of Spencer’s best qualities, she stated that it was “her ability to articulate things so beautifully.” 


Maya will be attending Elon College in the fall, where she plans to major in English and minor in music. She was admitted as a fellow for Arts and Humanities, bringing her one step closer to world domination. Whether moving others with her beautiful words or expertly assembled graphic designs, Spencer has a way of spreading joy that has solidified her status as a beloved figure in many communities. Among these is the Maya Spencer Fanclub™, which never falls short of praise to shower over this legend.


AKSHAT YADAV, Staff Writer and Maya Spencer disciple:

During the last two years that I have known Maya, I have gotten to experience an incredible, articulate creator. The first time I met Maya was when the two of us along with two other staff writers were interested in writing an article on a controversial Tardy Policy. While the article did not find itself completed, I gained a unique friendship that day. The Tardy Policy pod- consisting of me, Maya, Praghna Hemadri, and Ariel Solomon- is a group that still continues on into Newspaper. Since that event, I have gotten to know Maya well and can reflect on my time with her with great positivity and development. Talking with Maya is different- she is an adaptive person. She always seems to have an experience or knowledge that compliments every conversation you have with her.  All in all- good luck Maya! It has been great knowing you these past two years and I am really looking forward to seeing you grow at Elon! 


AVA WHARTON, Staff Writer and Maya Spencer enthusiast:

Maya is one of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met, and I’ve loved having her in so many of my classes during my time at Enloe! Each of our conversations seems to begin with something hilarious and end with me having learned something new, which I’ve always appreciated. Maya has a beautiful, genuine manner of expressing herself that I find so inspiring. I don’t think she could ever be spotted without a smile, one that comes from some strange source within that can’t be taken away. Maybe it’s the Chobani yogurt she eats in class each morning… I don’t blame her, that stuff is good. Either way, I don’t know where life will take me, but I do know one thing: Live, laugh, Maya. Forever.