Signed: Teaghan McNeill


Teaghan McNeill, known by her school as a star swimmer, and by her friends as someone always willing to put a smile on your face, has recently committed to swim for Randolph-Macon college.

Teaghan started swimming on a summer team when she was ten, which is where her love for the sport started. She began swimming for Enloe in 2019, winning the Cap 6 for the season her freshman year. However, coming to Enloe was a big transition from what Teaghan was used to. “Training with swimmers who were faster and more experienced than me pushed me to get better,” said Teaghan. After her first season with Enloe, she spent more time in the pool with her club to get faster and stronger every day. 

Enloe’s swim team, the winners of many championships, has a very close knit family. “It’s always fun to go to practice everyday,” Teaghan says. The traditions that the team has made during Teaghan’s time on the team were some of her most valued memories from her time on the team. “When we give our coach a gift after every season” is one of Teaghan’s favorite moments from the year with Enloe Swim and Dive. 

Qualifying for Regional and States competitions this year, Teaghan competed in the 50 free and 100 free while also breaking the school record for the 4×100. 

As Teaghan looks towards the future, she looks for a new family environment. Moving out of state is a bit nerve wracking for her, given that her new school is located in Ashland, Virginia. “Randolph has a very close knit team and that is what I was looking for in a college team. […] They have so much fun all the time” says Teaghan. 

Teaghan plans on majoring in Biology or Behavioral Neuroscience and possibly minoring in Computer Science.