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Top 10 Songs That Turn 10 in 2024

Top 10 Songs That Turn 10 in 2024

2014: Chevron, pink Snapchat filters, and unrealistic Starbucks drinks. Current Enloe students were between ages 5 and 9, and the music industry was hard at work coming up with some iconic tunes. That was 10 years ago, and while some of these songs have let the sands of time erode them into flop territory, some remain shining beacons of what real radio hits should sound like. Here are my top pics:


  1. “She Looks So Perfect”- 5 Seconds of Summer

Oh 5 Seconds of Summer, you will always be famous. One Direction failed to release any music in 2014, and this Australian boy band stepped up to the plate to provide the melodious sound of a handful of teenagers singing that the world so desperately needed. Truly, 5SOS looks perfect standing here at the number 10 spot.


  1. “Wiggle” – Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg

Crunk? Lit? Turnt? I’m unsure what the real party scene was like in 2014 as I was busy learning my times tables, but I always imagined it looked something like this song.


  1. “Boom Clap” – Charlie XCX

9 years before Charlie XCX released the best song from the Barbie soundtrack, she released “Boom Clap”, a song beloved by millennials (and me!) nationwide. It’s not even the best song off that album, but it is the most quintessentially 2014. 


  1. “Blank Space” – Taylor Swift

Now, I am not a Swiftie whatsoever. However, Taylor Swift’s album 1989 2014’d in a unique and palpable manner. You could not walk into a retail store without hearing Taylor’s voice echoing through the entire beanie-filled establishment. This list had a blank space at number 7, and we’re writing Taylor Swift’s name.


  1. “Cheerleader”- OMI

OMI was a one-hit wonder. I’ve never heard another one of his songs, but “Cheerleader” has been permanently engraved into my brain. If it came on, I could sing the whole thing without thinking about it.


  1. “Fight Song” – Rachel Platten

If someone woke up today and decided to turn Christian Girl Autumn into a song, they would end up writing Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song.” Even now, it drop-kicks me back to a time of infinity scarves and skinny jeans. Rachel Platten wasn’t lying about us hearing her voice.


  1. “Rather Be” – Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne

“Rather Be” is the epitome of fun electro-pop that makes you want to bust a move. Something about it feels blonde, in the sense that I had to Google whether or not the song was made in Norway. Although it was, in fact, made by British people, it’s electro-pop so good, it feels like Scandinavian electro-pop- the melody of countries with good public infastructure. Great song.


  1. “Shut Up and Dance” – WALK THE MOON

Music was reinvented on September 10, 2014 when WALK THE MOON released their hit single “Shut Up and Dance.” I’m not even joking with you! This song was a cultural reset and holds strong today. I will dance, but I will not be shutting up. It’s nigh impossible to resist screaming the words to this song when it comes on.


  1. “Bang Bang” – Nicki Minaj ft. Ariana Grande and Jesse J

I know what you’re thinking. Why isn’t “Bang Bang,” the undisputed serve of the century, not at the number one spot? I hear you, reader, and I agree. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be satisfied with ranking these top two songs- they’re both so iconic, so slayful, with such long-lasting cultural impact. “Bang Bang” features three iconic female musicians, who gave their all in a performance to be remembered for centuries. When we’re all in old folks homes, we WILL be asking the nurses to put on “Bang Bang” for us. Or, at least, I will.




“Something Bad” – Miranda Lambert ft. Carrie Underwood

“I don’t like country music!” Grow up, and appreciate the sweet sounds of angry Southern women. This one isn’t even that relevant, I just think it’s neat.


“Animals” – Maroon 5

Anything released by Maroon 5 is automatically incredibly 2014. For that, it feels like they should be on the list in some capacity. However, they’re simply missing the slay factor necessary to be a real hit. Maroon 5, time was not kind to thee (or maybe there was just something being put in the water in 2014 that made everyone think your stuff sounded good).


“Pitch Perfect 2 Original Soundtrack”

Aca-scuse me?! This listing breaks 2 major rules- not only is it an entire album, but it was also released in 2015. However, I would argue that Pitch Perfect 2 is a 2014 period piece, perfectly capturing the energy and music styles of 2014. Maybe once it turns ten next year, we’ll revisit it in full, but for now, just grab a cup and a ticket for the long way around. Oh, also listen to “Flashlight” by Jesse J.


  1. “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

My mother, who is in her 50s, knows this song, which is a great cultural relevancy checkpoint. If this comes on in a room, everyone is stopping when Mark Ronson tells them to. The song is so everything ever that it’s hard to talk about. Have you ever listened to “Uptown Funk” and thought of a descriptor for “Uptown Funk”? Of course not! Your brain turns off and you simply Uptown Funk it up! And needless to say, this song Uptown Funks up every other song on this list.

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