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TSITP: Jeremiah is the Better Brother for Belly


*Spoilers below – proceed with caution*

“Team Jere Bear because he care-cares.” An off-hand, LOL comment that holds no significant meaning, or genuine proof that Jeremiah Fisher is the better choice for Belly? I choose to believe in the latter. 

The TV show The Summer I Turned Pretty, based on the book series of the same name by Jenny Han, was an instantaneous hit when it first premiered in 2022. Fans were quick to pick sides when it came to a major plot point in the show: who should be the main love interest in Belly’s life? Season two of the show only heightened the debate between the Fisher brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah, who Belly has grown up with her whole life. Some fans find that the older, more mysterious Conrad, who Belly has had a crush on for years, deserves her admiration. However, Jeremiah, the younger, better-looking, and more fun brother who’s head-over-heels with Belly, is clearly worthier of her heart. 

Jeremiah makes Belly happy, and that’s what love should be–enjoyable. Belly laughs so much more with Jeremiah, and he always cheers her up when she’s down. The analogy comparing Jeremiah to a golden retriever seems superficial, but it’s not just based on his looks. Golden retrievers are soft and cuddly, and you just want to envelop them in a massive hug. Or, at least, I do. Please, think of a better way to describe Jeremiah’s personality. I’ll wait. Jere is a ray of sunshine that lights up every room he walks into, and Belly truly feels at home with him. 

Those against Jeremiah argue that their relationship is all fun and games, but that simply isn’t the case. Jeremiah still gets deep with Belly. He confides in her about his mother and he teaches her how to drive (which is no small feat). Jere is both better looking and capable of mature conversations, a phenomenon that, in my opinion, is much too underappreciated. 

It’s all about balance. With Jeremiah, there are a lot of light-hearted moments as well as intense ones. He knows when to be serious and when Belly just needs some fun. Conrad isn’t able to make this distinction. He is always solemn, and it’s detrimental to Belly’s mental health. At the beginning of season two, Belly is going through a rough patch. While a lot of this is credited to Susannah’s death, it’s impossible to ignore the other black hole engulfing Belly’s heart. Where else could it come from but Conrad? Conrad is constantly ripping Belly in two, and he doesn’t even realize the extent of his impact. 

As the world moves towards increasingly grander gestures, it’s important to take time for the little things. This is especially true for Belly, who uses words of affirmation and small observations as her love language. Conrad accidentally leaves her corsage in his dorm fridge, leading Belly to think that he doesn’t love her. Jeremiah, on the other hand, never makes Belly doubt how much he cares. Jere treats her like a princess–he would never forget the corsage. 

This is a prime example of Jeremiah’s selflessness. He is always making sure that other people are happy, and he never wants to burden anyone with his pain. Admittedly, this isn’t healthy, but it demonstrates how willing he is to put Belly first. He never puts anyone or anything on the back burner. He consistently shows up, even when he knows that he’s heading into a messy, awkward, or complicated situation. Conrad just runs away from his problems, forcing Jeremiah to chase after him. 

Speaking of chasing something, there’s a reason Conrad is portrayed as older and hard-to-get. We all know the saying “If the grades don’t touch, neither do you.” However, fans of Conrad often seem to look the other way when it comes to the age gap in their relationship. Conrad is two and a quarter years older than Belly. Naturally, this means that Conrad and Belly are at very different places in terms of maturity, which significantly contributes to their mismatch. Their lives are less relatable to each other, and Conrad may subconsciously look down at Belly, simply because of his age. Despite being in two different grade levels, Belly and Jeremiah are roughly the same age, and thus avoid many of the emotional pains that Belly experiences with Conrad. 

With Conrad’s maturity comes responsibility, yet this isn’t always a good thing. Conrad is always going to do what needs to be done, which is fine in moderation, but inevitably pushes Belly to the sidelines. Sure, Jeremiah may be more likely to leave the dirty dishes out on the counter instead of washing them all, but this extra time will be spent with Belly. Jeremiah prioritizes Belly, whereas Conrad treats her as the last task on his to-do list.

Fans of Conrad argue that being with Jeremiah is a “real-life” version of Belly’s dream romance with Conrad. But what’s so wrong with reality? First loves are supposed to be a fantasy, and that’s exactly what it is with Conrad. A dream. At some point, Belly needs to wake up and come to reality. This is real life, and she herself says that she and Jeremiah are a real-life match. 

Plus, Jeremiah and Belly have a ship name. That’s more than Conrad can say.

I’ll be honest: teenagers, especially fictional ones, love based on looks. Physical attraction comes first, and the deeper connection comes afterward. It’s lust that pushes teens to become more emotionally intimate. All cards on the table, Jeremiah’s appearance is certainly a driving factor for Belly. His golden blond hair and bright blue eyes perfectly encompass summer, and despite contradicting opinions, I personally do not find them creepy. 

The Enloe population agrees with Jeremiah’s superiority, with one student saying “No need for other snacks while you’re watching the show, Jeremiah should fulfill your every craving.” 

Jeremiah is clearly the best brother for Belly, and you can not convince me otherwise.

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