Enloe Art Club Makes Sparks at SparkCon

Laurel Emanuel (11)

Laurel Emanuel (11)

Over 1200 artists gathered on Saturday, September 14th in Downtown Raleigh for the annual SparkCon hosted by the Visual Arts Exchange. Enloe Art Club was just one of the 400 clubs and organizations taking part in the art explosion sprawling across fifteen city blocks in the warehouse district. 

The event was hugely anticipated by Art Club, who attends every year to showcase unique student art. Students of all grades sketched and drew their best ideas to be voted on by the club. After a difficult deliberation, two designs were chosen. Hay Bales by Maya Nesbit (10) and Face With Dots by Laurel Emanuel (11). 

Approximately a dozen Art Club and National Arts Honors Society students of all grades and skill levels used chalk provided by VAE to bring Maya and Laurel’s visions to life on the asphalt. After four hours of hard work and collaboration, the pieces were completed and the results were in.

Maya Nesbit (10)

Face With Dots was awarded Best in Show Design for its use of color and line to create a unique and cohesive work of art. When asked about her design, Laurel explained that Face with Dots resembled a piece she did last year that combined portraiture and colorful abstract elements. 

Enloe has always been first and foremost a school of the arts. Events like SparkCon allow student artists to share their creations and their passion for art with the community and with the world. Creative expression comes in many forms, whether it’s through music, visual art, dance, theatre or writing. It is important to support the arts and to attend local galleries and events like SparkCon because without art the world would be a much duller place.