Food Of The Month


You know what time it is at Enloe? It’s time for some respect. More specifically, some respect for our scholarly gullets. Shove the simple carbohydrates back in the drawer, drop by the farmer’s market, and pick up some spaghetti squash. It’s got protein, niacin, vitamin A, and more! 

Uh-oh! It’s an Enloe student, upset that they don’t have enough time to prepare healthy meals. You know what that student should do? It’s simple: once they have their squash, they should follow these six simple steps:


  1. Cut it in half


  1. Scoop the goop


  1. Bake it (40-50 minutes until tender)


  1. Scrape it into strands


  1. Top it


  1. Plop it (ideally on your plate, or in a tupperware for school lunch)


There you go: six steps for a scrumptious smackdown. But wait: another Enloe student 

has a problem: they don’t like vegetables (sigh). Hopefully, our picky eater is fond of spaghetti, because if you like spaghetti, you are bound to like spaghetti squash. Opinion/fact: it is much more tender and juicy than regular pasta. And unlike pasta, it blends well with espagnoles and curries. Oh, and yes, it goes superbly with tomatoes and cheese, just like it’s carb counterpart. Healthy, tasty, quick to prepare and cheap. Wow! It seems this humble cucurbit squashed Enloe’s nutritional crisis.