5 Sports You Can Play in Quarantine


There’s no doubt that COVID-19 (also known as coronavirus) has recently had its hand in disrupting the daily lives of people across the globe. In this time of uncertainty and impermanence, the last thing that high school students need is the explicit opportunity to sit around the house all day in this quarantine. To combat that tragedy, we at the Eagle’s Eye have compiled a list of sports that you can play all by yourself!


1. Rowing

So what if you don’t have a boat? The beauty of Home Rowing is that you don’t need any fancy equipment, just somewhere to sit, a bit of imagination, and maybe some caffeine in your system. The internet is full of great videos of peaceful bodies of water for you to choose from, so pick one out, hop on your couch, and start rowing!


2. Dodgeball

That’s right folks, you CAN bring vaguely traumatic middle school gym class memories into your own home! To play Quarantine Dodgeball, all you have to do is toss some remotely spherical objects around and avoid getting hit at all costs. The game ends when you’re hit by one of the balls or one of your family members gets mad at you for breaking their favorite lamp during a heated moment of the game. Happy dodging!


3. Chess

We know you couldn’t find anyone to play chess with you anyway.


4. Wrestling

Few things are more rewarding than the feeling of beating an opponent in physical combat, so for Coronavirus Wrestling, you’re up against your toughest adversary yet. Yourself. Good luck!


5. Marching Band

Wait, that’s not a sport, is it?

***DISCLAIMER: The Eagle’s Eye is not responsible for any injuries sustained from following the advice given in this article.***