When I look in the mirror

I don’t see a complete body.

My eyes can only focus on

the inner framework that is

My skeleton.


My bones keep my body upright 

and give me structure,

But when my skin is so tightly 

wrapped around them it becomes



I can’t go outside without an extra

Two layers anymore, or I’ll freeze.

I can’t exercise anymore or I’ll have 

Massive bruises running up my spine from

Hitting the floor or wall repeatedly.

I can’t lie on my stomach anymore because

My pelvis will hit the surface first.


I wear baggy clothes now, so that

People can’t see how unhealthy I am.

I put on my happy mask when I visit friends,

So they don’t see that I’m struggling.

And when I finally do tell people,

I get the same, futile response because

It’s not a relatable problem to them.


“Just eat,” they say,

But I have no appetite.

“Just eat,” they say, 

But I can’t hold anything down.

“Just eat,” they say,

Expecting my body to adapt 



I wish it was that easy.