Spirit Halloween Takes Over the East Building


It’s already that time of year, empty stores across the nation are being temporarily taken over by the pop-up Halloween store franchise, Spirit Halloween. They seem to be pretty much everywhere for a few months, but one might be closer than you think!


Enloe’s Administration decided to temporarily close the East Building in October due to an increase in leakage from our beloved rooftop pool. The iconic rooftop pool was repaired in a hurry over the summer after leaking during the second ACT retake last year, and quickly deteriorated again due to frequent use from our swim team and teachers on teacher workdays. The leakage has caused some classrooms to become moldy and infested with millipedes, providing a perfectly creepy setting for a Halloween store.


Just like any other vacant space, Spirit Halloween has decided to rent out the East Building until November. 


Because of its unique location, this Spirit Halloween store sells some Enloe-exclusive products, featuring millipede, punk rock principal, and student council spirit baby costumes, along with accessories such as freakishly-realistic millipedes, broken VPN buttons, terrifyingly empty paper towel racks, and the tears of APES students.


Make sure to give the Enloe Spirit Halloween store a visit before their November sale, where only fake tardy sweeps will be left!