Snake vs 2048: The Ultimate Debate


Trust me, regardless of what you’ve got going on right now, this is more important. There have been many debates over the years about certain topics being “the greatest of all time:” Jordan vs Lebron, Nike vs Adidas, PlayStation vs Xbox, Biggie vs Tupac, beach vs mountains, or Price vs Shuford. However, none come close to this one: Snake vs 2048. The ultimate battle. 

Snake is a challenge for the player to direct a snake around a game board eating fruits with the aim of creating the longest snake possible. The twist is that if any part of the snake touches the side of the board or another part of the snake, you die. 2048 has the aim of creating the highest number possible through addition of the same numbered blocks. Starting with 2, there are 16 spaces for the combination of blocks. 

If you look around the room during an APUSH lecture or one of the longer note taking sessions in Lang, you will likely see someone playing either of these two iconic games. 2048 requires the tactical ability of a chess master as well as the math abilities of a Calc III student, while Snake requires lightning-quick reflexes and the ability to foresee spatial issues. Both are perfect for the development of an Eagle Scholar due to the necessity for the player to master abilities of all kinds— something needed to do well at Enloe. 

In the lengthy research and testing stages of this article I was sad to encounter the tragic news that 2048 had been blocked on school Wi-Fi. While it will have a long lasting legacy and is sure to be remembered in all its glory, there will be no replacing the true 2048 despite the many knockoff versions such as the iconic Doge 2048 as well as the Pokemon 2048. 

When comparing the two, one must look at three extremely important factors: entertainment, longevity, and the ability to be paused. For entertainment purposes, Snake is the winner in the factor given the ability a player has to customize the game in a different way every time they play it. With close to forty different ways to change the visual and playable aspects of the game, Snake absolutely dominates 2048, which can’t even alter the way the game is played in the slightest. 

Longevity takes similar things into consideration that entertainment does. Is a game fun to play after seeing the exact same things in the exact same colors twelve times in a row? After careful and considerate research, Snake takes the longevity factor by a large margin. 

For the third factor, the ability to be paused is a crucial aspect when playing a game in school. Getting close to your record in Snake and then dying because you had to switch tabs when a teacher walks by ranks just in between a torn Achilles and a tooth abscess on most human pain scales, sometimes even higher. With 2048 you will have no such issues and are free to switch back and forth as much as needed. In need of a crucial victory, 2048 is victorious for the third factor. 

When all is said and done, this debate comes down to the absolute slimmest of margins. Both games will forever be legendary, but Snake takes the victory over 2048 due to the crucial factors of longevity and entertainment. I thank you for taking the time to read this article. I hope I was able to give you some insight on the most important of topics.