Senior Spotlight: Kristin Nagy


Kristin Nagy is not only a willing friend but also is a hard-working student who has just started to make her mark on this world. When I asked her what her favorite color was, she fittingly said dandelion yellow because it’s “so happy!” While talking to Kristin, I not only learned about her plans and hopes for the future, but also about what she has gained from Enloe. 

When we were talking about Enloe and what her experience was like, she had a lot to say about the different clubs and opportunities. She “feels like there’s something for everybody” here. Kristin not only was a part of AP Capstone but is also an IB senior; this may seem like a lot to take on, but Kristin loves researching and writing papers. Early on, she realized how much she loved learning languages and ever since has been teaching herself to speak new languages.  Some of her current endeavors are Arabic, French and Italian, while she’s also practiced Spanish and Japanese in the past. This is part of why she has leadership roles in Enloe linguistics club, Amnesty International, Japanese club, and is a very involved member of Model United Nations. This past summer Kristin spent two months in Jordan, learning to speak Arabic through a government funded program called NSLI-Y she thinks more people should know about. She absolutely loved her time in Jordan getting to travel and learn more about the culture there, especially learning more Arabic. 

Now that you know exactly how much Kristin is doing with her time at Enloe, what does she want to do after she graduates? She has a couple ideas in mind of where she wants to go but I’m sworn to secrecy, so instead I’ll tell you about what she wants to study. Kristin plans to go to college after graduating to study International Relations and eventually she wants to be part of an NGO (non-governmental organization), or the United Nations. “I really want to focus on learning about human rights and human equity,” says Kristin. Whatever she does, she wants to help people, a goal she has already achieved. Every week Kristin spends 8-9 hours volunteering at a refugee resettlement center, using her conversational skills in Arabic to help communicate with refugees. 

Kristin Nagy is a smart, determined person who I’m sure will make a difference in this world and I’m glad to have gotten the experience to write this article about her. We’re so excited to see what she achieves!