Senior Spotlights: Jordan Ham


Meet Jordan

Jordan Ham is hard to miss at Enloe. He’s creative, determined, and involved in everything from school sports to the arts. Anyone who’s met him knows that whenever he enters the room, there’s an instant burst of energy. Jordan will effortlessly talk to anyone, and he can seemingly diffuse tension at will. It’s impossible to stop smiling whenever he’s around.

Among some of his favorite things is the show he’ll defend till death’s door: Grey’s Anatomy, and yes, he likes all 18 seasons of it. He recently declared his undying love for PARTYNEXTDOOR, and is prepared to argue with anyone who dares doubt their romance. He enjoys snowboarding, but bringing up any other sport in front of him will prompt a judging look and/or sarcastic comment. 

Oftentimes, once he’s gotten bored of his homework, you’ll find Jordan out exploring. His naturally adventurous spirit has led him all over Wake County, on the road and on foot. Whether it’s a late-night Panera run or a muddy trek through the woods, he usually finds some friends to drag along with him. Going on an adventure with Jordan usually entails some guilt tripping and mild peer pressure, but it’s always fun in the end.

Jordan at Enloe

Over the years, Jordan has come to love Enloe and its culture. The diversity and abundance of ideas at Enloe has allowed him to thrive; it’s perhaps the only place on earth with enough energy to match his own. As a result, he’s been able to thoroughly explore himself and the world around him. “I’ll always remember it as a place where I found who I am and who I want to be,” he said.

One of the many places you’ll find him is school sports games. Usually, he’s decked out in Enloe merchandise, cheering on his friends and showing his school spirit. “I started going to soccer games and then recently I started basketball games and volleyball games. I think the only sport I haven’t gone to is lacrosse,” says Jordan. Whether he’s going to support his friends or just looking for something fun to do, Jordan has taken advantage of his opportunities at Enloe like few others.

Some of his favorite memories have also come from in the classroom. Film Analysis, German, and Adobe Visual Design are on top of the list of his favorite courses. While he enjoyed the curriculum of the classes, the best part was that they allowed him to branch out and meet new people, some of whom he might not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. Never one to shy away from making new friends, he still stays in contact with many of these people long after their class is over.

So…what’s next?

Whether he’s out exploring or meeting new people, Jordan is fearless when it comes to new experiences. Even when things don’t go as planned, he stays positive and excited. “If it’s a tense situation I’ll try and joke my way out of things, and I make jokes out of everything,” he says. “Like, if I fail something, I’ll make a joke.” His ability to bounce back from disappointment and keep pushing forward has helped him a lot throughout high school, and it’s sure to keep helping him in the future. 

Over the summer, Jordan plans to get a job to help save up for college, as well as continue to help coach youth soccer. In the fall, he plans to enroll in college for business administration. While he doesn’t know where he’ll go, we know he’ll approach it with eagerness and a smile. For all the new people he meets, he’ll bring amazing energy and embrace friendship. And even when he faces adversity, we know he’ll bounce right back. It’s been an absolute joy to meet and get to know Jordan. Anyone who hasn’t is simply missing out.

To Jordan, I wish you the best of luck for the future! Although, knowing you, you probably won’t need it.