Strong Women


I dedicate this poem to the strong women in my life.


To my Great Grandmother

Who lived her life in one town.

Who worked day and night,

Unseen and unheard.

Who cared for her family religiously,

Carrying the world on her shoulders.


To my Grandmother

Who has beat cancer five times already.

Who loved her husband until the very end,

Even when he could no longer remember her.

Who cooked cornbread for me, 

Who keeps on leaving when her body wants to give up.


To my Mother

Who has loved me more than anyone else ever could.

Who answers the question, 

“What is unconditional love?”

Who has seen the worst of me and continues to focus on the best.

Who supports my every step,

Encouraging me to be a better person.


I was raised by strong women.

Women who faced every challenge,

Who kept smiling through it all.

I want to be like those strong women.