How Hand Written Letters Pushed a Team to Victory

Support Your Athlete Friends


Volleyball, like many other high school and collegiate sports, does not have the same culture and connotation tied to it that sports such as football and basketball do. Often times the stands of the East gym are sparsely filled, usually with devoted parents and siblings waiting to go home. Senior and star volleyball player, April Murphy, is one of many student-athletes who are used to playing for empty stands. last week, April decided to take it upon herself to fill those stands for her final high school game. Hand-written invitations were passed out to all of her closest friends, mentors, and teachers, and they showed up with all the enthusiasm and support that the team needed, pulling out at 3-0 set against Southeast. 

April’s team struggled through the season, with a record of 5-17. But last Monday night they were on fire, making the court their own. It’s amazing what a little support and recognition can do. We all flock to football games because that’s the culture, but remember that teams are made up of people. The same people that sit behind us in English, park beside us in the mornings, or stand in front of us in the lunch line are on the courts. Student-athletes are still our peers and friends when they put on their uniforms. Anyone who has played a sport knows, half the battle is in your head. But glancing up at the stands and knowing your team is there pushes any athlete to the next level. “Playing together creates energy that you can feel throughout the entire gym,” says Murphy. There is a sort of adrenaline and confidence that comes with it. It was just this adrenaline boost she was looking for as she left it all out on the court for the last time.