An Ode to The Boys Who Wear Shorts in 34 Degrees


As December approaches and the world gets colder,

Christmas lights twinkle and outfits get bolder.

Soon, snow will coat the ground like a sheet,

This time of year is the epitome of sweet.


Blasting holiday music, I pull up to school,

Terrified of the moment that warm will turn cool.

Finally working up the nerve, I turn off my car.

The entrance to Enloe has never seemed so far.


As I run through the lot, I am stopped in my tracks,

By a sight that throws my whole world out of whack.

Walking closer, I couldn’t believe my eyes,

As I stared at the bare legs of a huge group of guys.


I approached them and said “Hey,”

“I have something very important to say.

There is a lesson all must learn:
One must try new things, to earn.
Okay, so maybe shorts are your style,
But I have an idea that might be worth your while.”


“It is an experience all should try
For something warm to reach under your thigh
You’ll try it on and be like ‘Geez!’
‘I like these things that reach below my knees.’
Okay, so maybe this is a little overwhelming for beginners and such
But I’m sure you’ll love these things so very much
You’ll put them on and do a little dance
Cause these things we’ve been talking about,
These things are called PANTS.