Shock Betrayal: Slushie Truck Moves to Broughton


Disclaimer: The content of this article is purely satirical. 

Last Friday, students burst out of the front doors of Enloe high school, sweaty and hungry for sugar water.  There was one thing they could rely on: the beautiful slushie truck across the street. Unbeknownst to the poor Enloe pupils, the beloved truck would not be there that day. And it had gone to the place that would hurt the most. 

On March 25th, in a shock betrayal, the Enloe slushie truck moved to the Home of the Caps, Broughton High School. The move came after a freak incident Thursday evening when several Enloe Students gradually ripped off an entire side of the truck on their way down Clarendon Crescent. “It wasn’t my fault,” said Enloe Junior Kiley Chavez. “The truck was in my way, and I had to get to work. Those cookies weren’t going to bake themselves.” The next day, an anonymous Enloe Senior passed by the Home of the Caps on their way home and saw a slightly battered up slushie truck with several delighted-looking Broughton Kids huddled nearby. 

The drastic event took place after several years of delicious slushies served to the Enloe community. The slushie truck was historically a place of refuge for the Enloe student body. A long-standing tradition, as students came and went, the slushie truck remained a pillar of the Enloe community. The students reflected on the memories from the slushie truck with intense grief and regret. “Freshman year, I would get a slushie every Friday,” reflected Enloe Senior Grace Ableidinger. “I literally got run over three separate times on my way across the street, but the slushies were so good, I didn’t care. I used to say, the bruises will heal, but oh, the slushies. The slushies will melt.” It seemed that many other Enloe students shared the same sentiment as Ableidinger.  The Eagle’s Eye reached out to the slushie truck owner for comment, but there was no response. As a matter of fact, the slushie truck had disappeared into the night and was never again seen in the Enloe neighborhood.

For distressed students, the Eagle’s Eye recommends going home and eating ice out of the freezer. For extra flavor, try blending the ice and pouring orange juice on top. Unfortunately, for now, there will be no more slushies for the Enloe community. Until another food truck comes along to serve the young pupils, a gaping hole will be left in the hearts of those who were lucky enough to taste the sweet mix of ice, sugar, and corn syrup.