Hot Chocolate vs. Coffee: A Charity Ball Debate


It’s the homestretch till Enloe’s annual Charity Ball. Between the proposal contest, the 2A wars, and the kickball tournament, Student Council is doing a tremendous job of raising funds and awareness for the Alliance Medical Ministry. One of the most beloved fundraisers for this huge event is the coffee and hot chocolate sales that have been happening this week. However, over the years there’s been a long-lasting debate about whether hot chocolate or coffee is better. We’re here to settle it. 


“I gotta have coffee to get through my first period. It’s a necessity.” 

By: Ariel Solomon 


We all know senioritis has already started to hit, and right before the holiday season, it’s in full swing. Some underclassmen just wouldn’t understand the struggles of getting up at the crack of dawn when your body would rather you stay unconscious. ‘It’s not like that 1A history credit really counts, does it?’ a senior might think. But, the prospect of a high-quality Starbucks coffee could turn that around to thinking, ‘Well… maybe I should show up just in case…’

And yes, it is Starbucks. Unlike the generic hot chocolate being made on the opposite side of the West Gym Lobby, they source only the finest roasts from local, popular establishments. On top of that, there’s a variety of creamers available, including the infamous Pumpkin Spice flavor. The student council members are always bright and friendly, adding just another touch of cheer to a blustery December morning that the caffeine can’t quite cover. There’s something a little bit refreshing about getting your morning brew from your classmates and not a tired Starbucks employee— not to mention the price difference. Inflation can’t touch Charity Ball coffee! Ava Wharton, senior, student council executive board member, Equity Team officer, and coffee connoisseur says, “I’ve been running on three days without sleep, and the coffee has been exactly what I needed to get me through…”

Not everyone is a fan of the superior bean juice, though. Many students prefer the beverage hot cocoa and are willing to stand in lines for the watery chocolate. Is the lack of caffeine really worth the clump of moistened cocoa powder at the bottom of your drink?


“Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside, to fuel your child at heart” 

By: Praghna Hemadri


There are no words for the amount of pressure and stress you go through during junior year. There’s no copout word or excuse cough cough “junioritis” for us. As much as we’re considered “upperclassmen”, we’re not quite as old as most of the seniors who, at this point in their high school career, swear by the powers of caffeine. We juniors don’t need caffeine, because we run on pure adrenaline. Every superior group of people needs a flaw—ours is hot chocolate. There’s something so blissful, warm, and comforting about the bean powder mixed with a warm liquid to romanticize your studying on a cold December night when it’s too late to turn to caffeine but too early to sleep.

No, it’s not Starbucks’s “premium” hot chocolate, but hot chocolate is good no matter what the brand is. Unlike the bougie coffee being sold on the other side of the West Gym Lobby, we’re classy and don’t go for the names. We like to enjoy it without worrying about the sources because, to be honest, you can never mess up the warm cocoa drink. When was the last time you went to a coffee shop and ordered a flavored hot chocolate? Well, that’s because we don’t have a ton of syrups, creamers, or whatever coffee needs to make it consumable and not taste like dirt. We’re in it for the simplicity. Hence proven with the confirmation of fellow junior and student council member Regan Lloyd: “Ho-Cho is OBVIOUSLY the superior drink because it gives you that sweet taste in liquid form! Who even wants to drink bitter coffee anyways?” 

Not everyone is a fan of the far more superior chocolatey powder mixed with a warm liquid. Even though the coffee side of the West Gym Lobby is basically deserted and the obviously greater drink’s side is packed, isn’t it worth it to wait for the warm and loving sensation of hot chocolate rather than a cold and bitter caffeinated drink?