Senior Spotlight: Catherine Yates

Those who’ve had the privilege to meet her will tell you that she is one of the most talented people they know. Catherine’s incredible accomplishments in music through her solo cello and ensemble work have not gone unnoticed, but what people should also know is that she is a friendly, warm-hearted person who’s a joy to be around. 

Seeing Catherine perform is a momentous occasion. She puts her all into every single note she plays, and it shows. She’s the principal cellist in the Enloe Symphony Orchestra, which is our school’s highest level of string ensembles. She has also played professionally for the Chamber Orchestra of the Triangle for the last two seasons as a part of their NC Kenan Fellowship. 

In 2021, Catherine, along with the chamber music ensemble she’s a part of, was invited to perform and compete in the most distinguished chamber music competition in the country, the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition ultimately making it to the semi-finals. 

Catherine’s passion for music is evident. “Making music, I’ve been doing it my whole life so really it’s just something that’s a part of me and it’s always been a part of me,” she says. She expresses the beauty and joy of playing music, especially with others: “To me playing music with other people is just pure love, and […] passion, it’s beautiful.” 

Though she is dedicated to the art of classical music, Catherine especially enjoys listening to all kinds of music. As of late you may find her humming the tune to “Cupid” by Fifty Fifty, one of her recent favorite tracks. Some of her favorite artists include Maria Callas, Red Velvet, and Twice among many others. 

Catherine’s determination spans farther than just her artistic endeavors. She is also an avid enjoyer of the mobile game DragonVale. Her park is a feat of grandeur with the rarest and best dragons in the game. Catherine can often be found checking on her DragonVale islands in her free time and is always excited to talk about it. 

Another of Catherine’s pastimes is admiring the beauty of high fashion. She mentions that while she may not be able to drop $20k on a dress, she loves to admire beautiful clothing, and loves to appreciate the art of fashion: “I just love looking at clothes that I can’t afford. Especially, [..] Oscar de la Renta, [their] dresses are so beautiful.” 

Through her time at Enloe, Catherine says she has grown in her confidence and ability to put herself out there: “Something I got out of Enloe is learning how to put yourself out there and to communicate with people”

Enloe will certainly remember the impact Catherine has made here, between her musical excellence that many of us look up to, and her persistent kindness to everyone around her. 

Catherine has not yet committed to a college, but is excited to continue pursuing her passion for music alongside her academic pursuits. She will pursue a double major in music and possibly chemistry at whatever school she chooses.