Cookout Hours Change: No Longer a Lunch Option for Students

The wildly popular lunch location Cookout has released a statement changing the hours for the New Bern Avenue location from the opening time of 10:30am to 1:00pm.

Cookout cited the change in hours as a result of supply shortages late in the day due to the amount of students attending during their lunch. These supply shortages cause unavailability of menu items late in the day, as well as increased pressure for employees which has caused many to quit.

This news was met with immediate dismay from Enloe upperclassmen.

Rason Mheinhardt, a senior this year and a Cookout fanatic voiced his disappointment in the change in hours: “I am devastated that I cannot finish the year on what has become my daily diet of a milkshake and cookout tray”. This opinion was widely shared across Enloe, with junior Lophie Siu sharing her disappointment in the lack of healthy options as a result: “Cookout was the only healthy spot near Enloe, the loss of gains as a result will be immeasurable.”. After the news set in, a group of students began planning to try and reverse the change in hours with senior Dacob Jyer as their leader: “A few students and I are currently in the process of forming a petition and will resolve this issue soon”.

While Enloe students are trying to fix this unfortunate situation, there are a few other good places to eat lunch off-campus nearby. Bojangles, Morgan Street Food Hall, Transfer Food Hall, and Chick-Fil-A are all very popular spots for Enloe students.