Enloe Team Competing in WRAL’s Brain Game


Enloe students Samuel Indermaur, Derek Zhang, Samson Rozansky, and Margaret Jackson are competing in WRAL’s Brain Game against Middle Creek High School this month. However, because this is a pre-recorded event, the episode will be available for viewership on Saturday, February 11th. The winner of this match-up will advance to the Brain Game playoffs. As the runners-up from the last season and winners from the year before, this year’s team is planning to carry on Enloe’s legacy in the Brain Game. 

Margaret Jackson, the captain and official spokesperson of the team, is leading the group towards having another successful season on the Brain Game. Her job as captain is to “discuss the member lineup and goals for each specific game with [their] team advisor, Dr. Lyerly.” Jackson also added that her role as spokesperson mainly consisted of giving the host the final response for the questions after the team discussed and decided on an answer. 

The game is set up with a Jeopardy-like format where there are eight categories; each team gets three questions for each, and also the ability to steal if the other team’s answer is incorrect. The only difference from Jeopardy is that the Brain Game doesn’t have a time limit. There is also a myriad of topics that the game covers, including pop culture, word power, sciences—biology, chemistry, and physics—and modern literature. For the last question of the game, the group has one last question, similar in style to Final Jeopardy, “called globe-trotting, and it’s typically world geography.”

This year is the first year since the pandemic that WRAL is hosting the Brain Game in-person. In the last few years, the game was held over Zoom, but this year it is being filmed at the Wake Tech Community College, on their Scott Northern Wake Campus.  

The episode of Enloe competing against Middle Creek will be available for viewing on the WRAL Brain Game website starting on the 11th. The past games are also linked on the website, and all videos are free of cost. Jackson encourages everyone of all ages to watch because it’s very similar to the premise of Jeopardy.

“It’s […] fun to see how smart you are compared to the [players],” says Jackson.