Cast of Enloe Theatre’s The Little Mermaid Will Host Matinee Meet-and-Greet Event


Enloe Theatre’s The Little Mermaid cast will be hosting a meet-and-greet following the department’s 2:00 p.m. matinee show on Mar. 25. Tickets remain on sale for the Saturday showing, which is scheduled second to last before the musical’s official closing show that evening. 


Featuring a mermaid hair station, face painting, a themed photo booth and more, the event will be tailored particularly to younger children. Of course, Enloe students and parents are equally encouraged to participate in the ocean-themed festivities. Snacks will be available, and a winner will be announced during a fun-filled costume contest.


“I’m really looking forward to just seeing all the smiling faces, especially the younger people,” says junior Ryan Gregory, who will play Prince Eric in the musical. “In past productions that I’ve been in, being a principal character has always been really cool because [younger audience members] really are enveloped in the idea that you are that character. And so especially being a Disney prince, I think it’s really going to cater to that younger audience. I’m really excited to see their smiling faces and to just brighten someone’s day.” 


Like Prince Eric, who dreams of escaping his lavish lifestyle to roam freely as a sailor, Gregory hopes to let loose and connect with his community during the event.


Actress Emma Gaddy, taking on the leading role of Ariel, has worked to channel the energy of the widely-loved mermaid protagonist. She hopes to convey the inviting personality of the red-haired princess on and offstage, looking forward to the ways that the role will allow her to transform.


“The red wig is obviously iconic, it’s ‘the look’, and I think that it kind of adds a lot, putting it on,” Gaddy says, “[as well as] the mermaid tail.” 


She and other cast members who play underwater creatures can be spotted by audience members gliding across the stage in Heelys, rollerblades and on hoverboards, similar to Broadway’s original production of the musical. Though seemingly small details, Gaddy feels these costume pieces have had a large role in making her feel “more connected and motivated” to put on the role of her adventurous princess character.


“It really helps set our production apart and makes it more close to the Broadway version . . . And it really just calls for something that you don’t often see in theater, which is exactly what we’re going for with this entire production,” Gaddy says.


Alternatively, senior Noah Colvin finds himself identifying closely with the outgoing personality of the crab Sebastian whom he plays, anticipating that this meet and greet will usher in more transparency than transformity.


 “’I’ll just have to be myself because Sebastian is basically me,” Colvin says. 


As an African-American actor, he finds it important to instill confidence in younger actors through positive representation. To Colvin, this begins on a personal level. 


“I think the meet and greet is less about […], ‘I’m Sebastian and it’s nice to meet you.’ It’s more about being like a role model or somebody that [provides] a memory [to young actors] like, ‘I remember seeing him and he was Sebastian. And now, that’s why I want to do this,’” Colvin says.


Members of Enloe Theatre’s The Little Mermaid cast express their appreciation towards the Enloe community’s demonstrated support for their department and programming. By attending this weekend’s musical showings and the meet-and-greet event, Enloe families and staff alike can continue to show their support. Tickets can be purchased here.


“More people in the audience just means more smiles on everyone’s faces and gives us the energy that we need to bring the best show possible and to make everyone Enloe proud,” Gregory says.