A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Prom

As time draws closer to spring, anticipation heightens for one of the most memorable events of the year: prom! Throughout the past couple of months, the Student Council’s Junior Council has been hard at work, planning everything so the night can go perfectly. 

Frank Chung, the president of Junior Council, has been tasked with planning the event: “I can organize the jobs as I like, but I decided to create four committees: logistics and ticket management, decorations, supplementals, and publicity.” Each committee is responsible for completing various tasks assigned to them. With ticket sales out now, March is the busiest month for the council as the big event gets closer. Jaeyee Jung, the Vice President of Junior Council, works on the logistics team under the prom committee. Jung says that the committee’s main goal is to hold a prom that is “especially memorable for the [current] seniors who missed out on theirs last year.”

After nearly two years of quarantine, Enloe’s upperclassmen are eagerly anticipating the upcoming event. When asked about the event, Shwetha Kunjur, a junior, said, “Prom is definitely one of the most monumental moments in the high school experience, and this year it is especially important because it is making up for the moments we missed because of the pandemic.” One senior at Enloe says, “I am really looking forward to prom this year, although last year most of us couldn’t experience it due to COVID restrictions. I think this year it will kind of feel like a culmination of our high school careers for us seniors and one last big event before graduation.”

The theme of this year’s prom will be “A Midsommar Night’s Dream,” which according to Frank Chung, is “a combination of enchanted forest and the movie, Midsommar, worked together to make something beautiful.” The dance will be held at the Downtown Raleigh Sheraton Hotel on April 23 from 7:00 to 11:00 PM. Masks will be optional, but this may change as WCPSS regulations change. There will be no cap on attendees, but typically, 600-700 students attend. 

Ticket sales began March 7th and will end April 8th, and will be sold through the OSP (Online School Payments) portal for $50. Underclassmen and non-Enloe students may be invited as a plus-one for Enloe students, but their ticket must be purchased by the Enloe upperclassman. There will be a promposal (prom proposal) competition where the two best promposals get free tickets. Students may enter the contest by either tagging @enloestuco on Instagram or Snapchat or direct messaging it to those accounts. Students can vote for prom royals—two juniors and two seniors—at the following link. For future prom updates, follow @enloestuco on Instagram. We hope to see you there!