Top 9 Things to Carry in Your Burlap Sack on the Oregon Trail: Achieving the Burlap-Core Aesthetic

1. Motivational Poster

The Oregon trail comes with its ups and downs, but mostly downs. Carrying a motivational poster of this lovely cat will keep your spirits high and allow you to reach your goal, the end of the trail.

2. Horse named Jebebiah

This journey will last many months and bearing the trail without someone to talk to will be almost impossible. Traveling with a friendly horse will make your journey infinitely more positive.

3. Shovel for horse grave

Jebebiah will meet his mortal end on the trail.

4. Harry Potter

The trail is super weird, you may need Harry Potter’s help on your journey.

5. My harmonica

The trail is also many months long, so to aid in your boredom I offer you my harmonica.

6. Bleach and boxed hair dye

Two months into the trail you will have a mental breakdown, this is a guarantee. The elements of the trail will get the best of you. To combat this, come prepared with bleach and colorful hair dye of your choice for a trailformation.

7. Mom’s kisses

The trail can bring out all the emotions you have been shutting away in your mind. bring Mom’s kisses as a reminder that someone actually does love you.

8. VHS player with ‘Love is Blind’

The trail is as boring as homemade soup. ‘Love is Blind’ is a necessity for occupying the emptiness that fills your heart in the back of the trolley.

9. Vaccines

A common illness that plagues overlanders is lactose intolerance. This is the number one cause of death on the trail. By taking the lactose-intolerance vaccine you will spare yourself from this infestation.