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Miana White: Senior Spotlight


After being in an isolated learning environment to transitioning to a 60-plus person class of adolescents in your 10th grade English and social studies C&C class, you will need to find a few special people to help you endure the double lectures from Mr. Shuford and Mrs. Price. For me, Miana White was one of them. Being in such a large class, it was hard to talk to everyone, so you couldn’t truly gain a connection within an 80-minute time frame. With Mrs. Price constantly creating new pods to help us get out of that quarantine funk and get to know new people, it’s like when Miana and I were paired during one of Price and Shuford’s fun but rigorous projects; I found someone I knew I would love to gain an everlasting friendship with. 

Spending time with Miana during the newspaper and her gracing the Black Student Union board is part of why I say my senior year has been my favorite year out of my high school career. I had no clue Miana was a true graphics queen (sorry, Vivian and Nora), and I am so happy I get to see her creativity exude through her articles and beautiful graphics. My first article of the year was with Miana titled, “Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes.” I am so lucky to have written it with a humorous person who made the article 10x better, especially with her nod to menstrual products. 

On the surface, Miana’s big bright smile and always glowy and perfect skin (please send me your skincare routine) do not fully encompass her amiable and harmonious personality or admirable ability to converse without turning awkward or boring. We all know that Miana will forever be in the hearts of Enloe and have her own Hollywood star one day as she either stars or produces her blockbuster film. I’m sure one day we’ll find a way to make the three-hour and 44-minute driving distance from Atlanta to Savanna, Georgia, to see each other and catch up while we’re both pursuing our dreams and aspirations in college. Or even when we attend GHOE and visit our girl Vivian at NCAT, I’m sure we’ll be each other’s bridesmaids at our weddings. 

I have enjoyed our conversations, laughs and giggles, and especially our tea times with Nelson, Akshat, and Vivian during the newspaper. Wherever you go in life, I know you will soar, and I can not wait to see you go from being an extra on a commercial when you were younger to being on the big screen. Miana White, you have inspired me to attempt to be as kind as you are. You have made your mark on the hearts of Enloe, especially mine. I am forever grateful to call you my friend. 

However, it’s not just me who is fan- from a survey of some of her closest peers, the feedback was pretty consistent that her “infectious energy” and her “zest for life” can transform a room.  Caroline Kelly has had the joy of knowing Miana since kindergarten and claims it to be too difficult to pinpoint one moment with Miana as her favorite because there are simply too many. Luckily, the language of Spanish has kept them in classes together from kindergarten through high school. “It was super fun to have her in those classes and to be able to share interest in learning the same language,” says Kelly, “now we use it often when talking to each other which is also super fun.”

“She is the personification of giving.” says Sophia Milvae, another proud Miana fan. “From just one look she will know if someone is hungry, thirsty, tired, or upset and do everything in her power to relieve them. I can always count on her to help, whether it be with a friend, a peer, or a stranger.”

 Many of her friends say they could envision Miana cast as a goodhearted superhero or princess. “I imagine Miana in some sort of adventure movie where she’s the main character and has to go on some sort of journey,” says Alexia Del Culvillo, a longtime friend of Miana’s since Ligon days. Kelly imagined Miana as more of a sidekick: I feel like Miana would be the best friend of a main character. She would be super lovable and everyone likes her so she gets her own spin-off show.” Miana is no Patrick Star or Dwight Schrute, as she is too smart and too normal, but she is captivating in her own Miana White way. No matter the role she plays, she’s sure to catch attention. 

Regan Lloyd imagined Miana as more regal. “I immediately think of a Disney princess character, but I feel that’s too similar to her everyday personality.” Lloyd is another bestie who is also a member of Enloe Actor’s Ensemble alongside Miana. Lloyd continued, imagining Miana as a funny, witty, lovable heroine in any type of story. Many who are involved in the realm of Enloe Theatre can attest to Miana’s humor. Beyond the star-quality stage presence, her razor-sharp wit has single-handedly resurrected more than a few Happy Accidents skits that were going down in flames. 

Happy Accidents is Enloe’s very own comedy improv troupe-and quite the odd group it is. There are few of us and even fewer funny people. It is tough to do improv. It is not a job for the weak. “I only auditioned for Happy Accidents on the condition that she [Miana] would too,” says Milvae. “Every single Tuesday I thank my past self for making sure she would be there. Her voices, movement, and timing are impeccable- something as simple as a shrug can make the whole audience burst out laughing. She is the epitome of ‘yes, and’ and her scenes are some of the best because of it. She’s not afraid to take risks and be absurd because her absurdity is so endearing to everyone who sees it.

Standing up under the stage lights in Mr. Jernigan’s room is like going to battle, only you know no matter what you will lose. Miana is Alexander Hamilton. With her, the improv battle is always won.

I have been lucky enough to get to know Miana during my time at Enloe, and for some reason, she sees me at my worst- Honors Earth Science and Economics and Personal Finance are not the most captivating classes at Enloe. I took everything in me to drag myself to sit through tornado documentary after tornado documentary and try not to fall asleep at the end of the day. That was, however, before a little Miss White had started talking to me before dismissal (usually about Happy Accidents). Slowly, our conversation bled into the entire class period, and my 4B class became one of my favorites. The same goes for EPF this year- I only drag myself to the room because I know a warm hug and a sweet smile are waiting for me. Milvae said it best: Miana makes me proud to be her friend.


We all know you’re a star, Miana White.  Don’t forget us when you get your own  Hollywood Star!

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