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Senior Spotlight: Praghna Hemadri


“Good morning, Praghna.” – Audrey Weaver 


If you walk into room 1815, you will most likely see Praghna in the back of the class, NOT locked in. However, don’t be fooled by this version of her, as she has proven herself to be an absolute and fearsome academic weapon. “She’s kind of a nerd,” says Naina Anumandla, one of her close friends and potential roommate at UNC Charlotte next year. Being known for her punctuality, honesty, and academic integrity, she’s kept an honest record during her academic years. As a previous pro-juggler of 6 AP classes during her junior year and a current student in AP Chemistry, she’s no stranger to getting things done. If you ask Naina, however, this may be a problem as she cites, “She never hangs out after school because she’s always studying.” Naina isn’t the only one who has witnessed Praghna’s academic lethality first-hand either. “You’re the H 2 to my O in calculus,” says Nora Gillet, classmate of Praghna in Ms. Pate’s 4A Calculus class where they are consistently very focused.


Praghna’s determined nature gets her far in many subjects, not just STEM ones. In her third year at Eagle’s Eye, Praghna has earned and worked hard as Executive Editor. Known for her famous crossfire, “Do Girls Poop?” she has a solid 28 articles under her belt, with even more experience in editing. “Her poop article left a lasting impression on me,” says Eagle’s Eye Creative Writing editor, Audrey Weaver, citing that it made them want to join the newspaper in the first place. You can feel her dedication to making Eagle’s Eye as strong as it can be, as she always leaves well-written, kind criticism to help her fellow writers. Eagle’s Eye would feel incomplete without Praghna’s expert writing and editing skills. 


If she’s not busy crafting up the next article that’ll be the first thing when you search ‘poop Enloe’ on Google, you can find her at home obsessing over one of two things: Taylor Swift or Grey’s Anatomy. Call her pH 14 if you want, Praghna doesn’t care. In fact, according to Naina, she can be a bit of a hater when defending the things she loves. With more than a few rewatches under her belt, no one can deny her intense love for medical drama. Although many know her for being a Swiftie, she has a wider musical taste than one may expect, including 70s disco music, Sabrina Carpenter, Harry Styles, and ABBA, to name a few. That’s right ladies and gentlemen–she’s multifaceted. Praghna is also constantly in touch with her culture through her over a decade’s worth of experience in Kathak dance, a type of Indian classical dance. With her prowess in both culture and academics, Praghna is a force to be reckoned with.


As someone who’s not afraid to Speak Now, those who are truly close to her know that “hating” on your music taste is Praghna’s love language. “You know Praghna likes you if she’s hating on you, ”says Naina, as she elaborates on Praghna’s incessant flaming of Naina’s love for k-pop boyband BTS. Her bubbly and satirical personality has helped her to attract many meaningful relationships in her years here at Enloe. Naina says she found great ease in forming a deep friendship with Praghna when she moved to North Carolina in her junior year. “Praghna is one of the people I feel comfortable around because we speak the same language, [are from] the same state, [and the] same country.” Additionally, Naina adds, “If I got into a gun fight, [Praghna] would be the first one to come alone, or at least I hope she would come.” Next year, Praghna will attend the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where she will major in Chemistry. It’s not an easy feat, but here at Eagle’s Eye, we know that only great things will come in your future. We hope you keep chasing after what you want and never lose your hating self at college! 


To Praghna,

I can’t believe it’s finally your time to go. Whether it be telling me about dying from APUSH as my tablemate in Mr. Lawhon’s 2B AP calculus AB class or as MY EXECUTIVE EDITOR you have always been such a mood every time we talk. I will forever miss your sarcastic, dry humor that sometimes makes me wish I could go back to last year in that class. I’m extremely grateful to Charlene for making calligraphy club because I won’t ever forget the day it showed up on the LoeDown (back when I was a naive freshman in thinking it was cool) and I said, “Oh my sister made that club” to which you responded “ARE YOU CHARLENE’S BROTHER?” Not only that, but I’m also eternally thankful for you constantly pushing me to apply for the newspaper, saying, “if I don’t see you in newspaper next year I will literally kill you.” As much as I can complain about missing you next year, I can’t change the fact that you’ll be moving on to a worse place next year in college brewing whatever concoctions that will end up either making zombies or curing cancer. Praghna, I know you will go on in the future to accomplish great things because you’ve always known how to push through hardships and get back up again. I wish you the best of luck in hell (college) and have full faith that you will make your family at the National Sigma Honors Society proud.



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