To All the Readers I’ve Loved Before…

To All the Readers Ive Loved Before…

People always have something to say

There’s chatting and whispers and debate every day,

Scented with juvenile judgement and half-baked arguments just for display

Though it may be their place, though they may make their case

It really isn’t cute to shove it in everyone’s face.


Online and in person people shamelessly stare out of spite

Mocking and berating those they wish they could be like

Filled with passion and drive and the confidence to speak out

Some dear friends just can’t seem to keep the ugly words out of their mouths.


We chant and parade the right to free speech

But when someone disagrees it’s too far a reach

Constructive criticism is often its given name

But really, we all know revision is not their end game

To call out and publicly shame for an opinion unlike your own

is plainly and simply bullying in shrouded tone

We see it in the news and on TV all the time

But bringing this behavior to school is nothing less than a crime


Every person is entitled to sharing their views

In fact that’s often social improvement’s first cue

We share and we post, caught up in the social media sensation

But all we really want is a sense of validation


It’s just that posting doesn’t have to become a personal battle

With belittling words and sides chosen like cattle

It can be, in fact, a simple dialogue, maybe even a conversation

But not for those who are only looking for a public demonstration


No side, no corner, no team is worth the draw

If it means speaking disrespect about someone and claiming “it’s the law”

Be civil and know when to bit your tongue

Don’t even let those nasty breaths leave your lungs

Because somewhere somehow some way

You will be held accountable and deleting Twitter just won’t save the day.