The Sun Shines Brighter Now


The sun shined the other day.

Covered by the blurred edges of clouds, 

the light pierced through my car window.

My playlist as background music, 

I squinted and kept on the empty roads.


New years it was, cheers to the new year I guess.

I heard about you then, yet it had been days.

Days since you had fallen into the fog surrounding us,

Slowly graying the sky and covering the sun.

Together as acquaintances we sat, just three seats apart.

Yet, it had been months.


The sun shines brighter now, highlighted with a red tint.

Similar to New Years, the sun set sky is painted in pinks and oranges.

Clear skies I see now, the clouds fell out of the skyline,

I wonder, perhaps you pulled them away.

I smile and keep driving.