Yesterday was the first time I felt free

Maybe it wasn’t the first, but yes it was

There’s a car named Effy and she’s running and ready to go

She’s a racecar and she’s stuck at 180

And maybe it’s how the moment moves faster than me

Or maybe it’s how good the company is

Or maybe it’s how it feels to have your own leafy dominion

But I think it’s going to be okay someday.







Yesterday, I gave my necklace away because it felt like a collar

It read, “Please Return, She’s A Lot To Handle.”

But a bear came and told me I handle myself just fine

Then Bear decided to take sabbatical from her hibernation

She said she likes me better than dreams anyway

Bear, she swims with her own volition

And spends her days teaching me the very same

There’s a bear and she takes her time for me

And so I think It’s going to be okay someday.








Yesterday, the rings on my fingers rolled around hers

She was made up of a parchment paper

Parchment paper made of deep greens and pale pinks

A paper that had lived lives before it became her

She offered me this piece of her

Funny those pale pinks are apparently words

So together, we sat and read her

And it’s going to be okay someday.

Yesterday, a boy sat in my bunk bed and told me I was his best friend

Today I learned he was lying

so I live everyday missing that yesterday

And I’m guilty

I have bears and racecars and I can only think of a boy that was

A boy that wishes I wasn’t

A boy that isn’t anymore, at least to me

And then my someday is gone.