A kid with a laugh as full as the moon,

Stubborn as the wind that caresses your cheeks,

The sea breeze that whips your hair around your ears,

They were the scent of salt in the air.


A boy with a smile as warm as the sun,

Creative as the sand that creates castles and kingdoms,

The shifting grains of goldenness that crumble beneath your feet,

He was the dunes that shelter.


A girl with inquiries as deep as the ocean,

Serene as the tide that sweeps around your ankles,

A mind as tumultuous as the indigo depths,

She was the motion of the sea.


A boy with eyes as expressive as gems,

Candid as the rocks that line the shore and warm your back,

The formations that pool life and wonder,

He was the soothing stone.


A kid with a heart as pure as a pearl,

Lively as the gull that flies overhead,

The titter of the dolphin that dives from far off shore,

He was the vibrant coral reef.


As the sun warms me and the beach welcomes me

I am reminded of them.

And I remember that I am loved.