The Cycle of Loving You


For nine months I’ve been going through something.                        

Something I can’t hide except by putting my pain aside

The day you threw my love away 

Turned my pain into shame

It was the day I didn’t think I could ever love the same again.

I said sorry till my tongue was numb and cried until my tears had froze

But who knows, you must’ve thought we had something special

Didn’t thee?

As the flowers that bloom from February to June

That smells of a love I once knew.


Oh hush you pretty little fool 

Can’t you see that I’m upset?

Yet you always knew what was best

I loved you, can’t you see? 

Departed from my heart to see the future with thee

I should’ve listened to the ones who know me best

So broken heartstrings bleed the blues

Only to be washed away by the slightest words

But there’s a beauty to the struggle

Something we soon find in this thing called eternal love


For love, I lay flowers at the grave of my heart 

Trying to free myself from the bondage of loving you

With you, what is love? How does it feel to be free?

So lay me in green pastures with the bees in magnolia trees 

And let me reminisce about the times I had with thee